Haul: New In with Sleek..


I’ve been getting more and more adventurous with my make up as it goes. Not just sticking with my bold eye liner and a nude lip. I thought I’d share with you some of the recent additions to my make up collection.

*Sleek Makeup Highlighter Palette Solstice –I’ve been wanting this pallete for so so long every-time I went to go purchase it, it seemed to be out of stock. When I got it in the post I literally screamed. I’ve needed a new highlighter and this was just in time. As you can see in the pictures above it has some beautiful shades which I cannot wait to try.

*Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eye Palette A New Day –As you know, I love orange and brown shades for my eyes. So this pallete must be made for me I love my smoky pallete from Sleek but I think this will be my new favourite for an everyday subtle eye look.

*Sleek Blush Flamingo – I’m not one to wear blusher if I’m honest but this blusher is perfect for spring/summer when you don’t want to much bronzer but that hint of pink so I cannot wait to add this to my make up routine.

*Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipgloss Old Hollywood – I always feel like I can’t wear a red lip unless I’m going all out with a whole outfit as well as a bold make up look. However, this red has got me wanting to wear red on my lips 25/8. I cannot wait to to wear this on my lips.

*Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipgloss Velvet Slipper – This has to be my favourite shade it’s the perfect pink/nude shade. As I mentioned a nude is a staple in my everyday makeup routine and you can’t really go wrong.

*Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipgloss Vino Tinto – Another shade I think which is abit adventurous is this one. I think an evening outfit and a smoky eye this would go perfect. I think dark lips are more of an everyday autumn make up look but I definitely think it can work in an evening and everyday if you want that bad girl club vibe.

*Sleek Makeup Lifeproof Foundation LP05 – This foundation might just replace my current one. It’s such a good consistency and has medium to full coverage and I mean with that you are winning. It’s perfect for a time you want your make up to last for a long period of time.

*Sleek Makeup Vitality Foundation VF03/VFo4/VF06 – An alternative to the full coverage foundation is this one. It has such a thin feel once applied. It’s perfect for an everyday foundation because your skin can breathe as well as look flawless.

*Sleek Makeup Crème to Powder Foundation C2P02/C2P05 – I was abit sceptical about this at first but the concept is quite clever if you love applying powder after you’ve done your foundation this is for you ladies. It applies really easily and you even have a mirror within the packaging (can we just appreciate how Sleek pretty much put mirrors in most of their packaging – blessed).

What is you go to make up product this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo




5 food places in Manchester you need to visit!

As you know I’m from Manchester and I love it. There’s so many things to do, places to eat at and it’s overall such a great city to be from. For Today’s post I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite places to eat at.

Scene Street Indian Kitchen Spinningfields – Scene is a Indian Kitchen and is located in Spinningfields. I’ve been here for lunch and I can say I love their lunch menu. I’ve also been here in the evening and the atmosphere is so good. I love the vibe inside the restaurant the decor is very old school and retro. I do love Indian food and I can say it’s one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to.  So I’d definitely head down if you love Indian food or just want a nice meal.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Spinningfields – As you may or may not know I do love a good burger. One of my favourite places for a burger is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. These are located nearly everywhere and the lunch menu is a definite winner as you get so much for your money. So it’s definitely worth it, plus the burgers are one of the best I’ve tasted. This is more casual if you wanted to grab a bite for lunch and maybe in the evening.

Opium Lounge – Opium might just be my favourite place in Manchester. It’s located just near the Great Northern Warehouse next to All Star bowling. It does the BEST pizza as you can probably tell. The interior and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is gorgeous! As well as for lunch I’ve been in the evening and it’s such a good place to go for a meal and drinks whether that’s with family , friends or co-workers.

Ezra & Gil – Coffee shops are one of my favourite places for a catch up. I mean a coffee and good company you can’t go far wrong. Ezra and Gil is located in the Northern Quater and as you know it’s one of the coolest parts of Manchester – well I think anyway. You can pop into Ezra and Gil for breakfast and even brunch they do the best brownies I can assure you.

New Yorker American Street Food – As I previously mentioned I love my burgers. New Yorker is one of my favourite places for street food. The interior of the place is so cool and urban. I love how they serve their food as well as the whole experience of ordering your food. I’m not going tell you, you’ll have to visit and see how you can grab your food. They do the best milkshakes as well as desserts. I mean if it’s a cheat day this is the best place to be.

What is your favourite food place? Comment below.

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My most worn trainers..


As you may or may not know I love shoes and have quite a large trainer collection. Like they’ve always been my thing since I was a tot. I can remember having Reebock Classics in pink and blue and never wanting to take them off. I don’t think my love for trainers will ever leave me. I’m totally obsessed from new releases to keeping my shoes super clean. I thought I’d do a post on my most worn trainers and give you an insider on probably not even half of my collection.

Gold and Pink satin Puma Suedes – OFFICE I bought these quite a while ago but I’m still so in love with them. They are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own, if even my favourite they’re so pretty. I love that they’re gold but beige it gives them such a subtle look and makes it so easy to style them with outfits. They’re more of a spring summer shoe I’d say but no stopping me wearing them.

Nike Air Max Ultra Women’s – Nike. Nike 97s are the ultimate Nike shoe everyone needs. They’ve released so many colours and styles from the camo to the silver bullet. They’re such an original shoe and you cannot go wrong. I love black/white combo as they go with every outfit and can be styled so easily. I’m obsessed that they’re reflective too and definitely thinking about getting another pair.

Nike Air Force 1 Women’s – JD Sports. Air Force 1 are as original as it gets. I love the all white ones and these pink suede gum bottom ones I had to have, I mean a gum bottom is so authentic and so easy to rock. I love the shade of pink and they’re perfect for winter as well as summer which makes them super versatile as you can wear them whenever and not be restricted to choice. JD also have released red and yellow which also look super trendy.

PUMA Fenty Cleated Creepers Womens – JD Sports.The Fenty x Puma collection is such a unique collection. I love creepers and these are perfect for someone who’s 5’4 and needs that added height at first I was abit sceptical about the added platform at the bottom but I can tell you it’s so worth it. I love that they’re velvet and all black because I think it’s quite hard to an all black trainer correctly and these are just flawless.

New Balance 247 Womens – JD Sports New Balance are that different shoe that you think can I pull it off or will I just not rock it? But let me tell you one thing one you step into some New Balance it’s one of the comfiest shoes you could ever wear. These Revlite’s have almost a knitted feel to the front of the shoe which makes it super comfortable for your feet. Then the shape of the shoe is so easy to compliment your feet which is always a winner.

What are your go to trainers? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo




OOTD Baggy Jumpers & Backpacks


I feel like I’ve been away from my blog a while but it hasn’t been too long. I’ve been bogged down with a virus and been resting away in my bed and I can tell you it’s not been fun. So to take my mind off it all I thought why not share one of my favourite outfits with you guys. It’s been raining non-stop in the UK and this is a versatile outfit to keep you cosy for the weather as well as you looking super cool.

Khaki Sweatshirt with Satin Ribbons – H&M. I’ve wanted this sweatshirt for the longest time but it sold out as soon as it got released in November and I found one in my size in my local H&M (which was the only one) and I had to get it. Mainly, because I love khaki and as you can see the ribbons lace up on the back and that has been such a big trend. Its now available in purple as well as black so do grab one if you like the look of it.

Black High Waisted Leggings – River Island. River Island leggings are such good quality and a little bit thicker which is perfect for weather like this. With this jumper you can get away with wearing leggings so it’s a win win.

Nike Air Max Ultra Women’s – Nike. As you guys know I don’t ever stop going on about how much I love my 97s. These are a staple shoe in everyones 17/18 shoedrobe if you don’t have them your not living they’re so comfy and did I mention they’re reflective? Yes yes they are.

Black Leather Backpack – Tkmaxx. (similar)Finally, my backpack is from my favourite place Tkmaxx where you can find the perfect accessories to match with all your outfits I saw this and couldn’t resist its the perfect size, fits in all you need and looks super cute.

What is your favourite shoe? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo

The secrets to accessorizing..

It’s 2018 and your girl is back blogging – sorry it took this long. The new year new me is really taking it’s toll (I’m kidding). I hope you all had a fabulous new year.

Accessories is something that doesn’t get much attention when planning an outfit unless you really have it all planned out from A-Z. I just wanted to share a couple of tips to make styling and accessorizing an outfit that much easier.

Don’t be afraid of metal – Mixing your metals is a fabulous way to add to an outfit. Whether that’s a long necklace with a shorter one and one’s gold and the other’s silver, this is a cool way to accessorize and not be too matchy matchy.

Non – prescription glasses are a vibe – Personally, I don’t wear glasses and the non-prescription glasses trend is such a vibe there’s so many cool styles you can purchase on Asos and other stores. There’s something to suite everyone and it’s such an easy way to add that little bit of sophistication to an outfit or a bit of a quirky look (glasses frames say a lot trust me).

Practical accessories are fashionable – Watches are one of my favourite accessories and always have been. Recently I’m loving my retro-esque Casio I mean you can change it up whenever and they’re practical. Always remember just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable.

Headphones count too – A music lover like me who lives with earphones\headphones in, it’s such an easy accessory and there’s so many cool styles to choose from. I have been in love with my Rose Gold Solo3 Wireless Beats. I have also got my eye on some cat ear headphones from Urban Outfitters which are super cute too.

Purses aren’t just for money – Finally, another accessory I love. Having a purse isn’t just to put them coins in it’s such an easy way to add to an outfit whether its a envelope clutch or just a purse it’s a great way to add colour and style.

What’s your favourite way to accessorize? Comment below.

Tips and tricks for an Instagram-able scrapbook!

As you all know one of my favourite things to do is capture memories of all the journeys I go on, things I do and places I visit. I’m that friend that always has their camera on taking pictures of literally everything – papping the food before we tuck in, taking a picture of where we’ve come or a pap of what we’re getting up to.

I thought I’d put together a little blog post of all the little things you can do to collect memories and how to keep them all safe in a scrapbook.

Keep everything – Train tickets, cinema tickets any sort of ticket or wristband is any easy way to remember something you did. With this foundation you’ll be able to add pictures and build up from there.

Polaroids & photobooths – This is one of my favourite ways to capture instant memories. I love my polaroid camera I try and take it everywhere I can. Also photobooths are my favourite as all my friends know! Another alternative is apps that let you print out photos in a polaroid style just like Cheerz who I’ve mentioned previously.

Get a cute scrapbook – There is such a large variety of what you can pick from. Whether you want a large one or just a small one it’s entirely your choice. It can have a print or you can get a plain one and either draw on the cover if your feeling arty or use wrapping paper of your choice with a cool print to add to the cover.

Be arty – Doodle on your scrapbook, write dates add quotes or sayings/inner jokes which are special to you to personalise your scrapbook to you and the people who are important to you. Add stickers which is an easy way to spice up the book also.

Ribbon & washy tape – Add ribbon to the borders of images it makes them look even cooler and even washy tape which is one of my favourites to outline images and tickets and even the spine of my scrapbook.

Do you have a scrapbook or have you ever wanted to start one? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




Make-up products we all need in our make-up bag!

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – Boots. This fixing mist is one of my all time favourites it works so well with the foundation. I love how it dries super quickly and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It allows your make up to last all day and you can’t really complain because it’ll look as fab as it did when you first applied it.

She’s a natural day and night face pallete – Soap & Glory.I totally forgot I had this, but recently I’ve got back into using it. It’s so versatile to pop in your bag I mean it’g all you need in one. I love the highlighter in this it’s SO pigmented. As well as the mirror I mean it’s the perfect size for doing your make-up on the go.

Laura Geller Illuminator – Beauty BayI got this for my birthday and it’s one of my favourite highlighters to use. I love how pink/rose gold looks with my skin tone. It’s so sparkly and super pigmented again I mean you just can’t go wrong so I’d definitely recommend this.

Lingerie Liquid Lip (Embellishment ) – NYX. You all know how much I love NYX and their lipsticks their lingerie range has to be my favourite. I’m yet to try the suede’s but I’m sure I’ll love them. Embellishment is a soft purple colour and I love it.

Lingerie Liquid Lip (Cashmere Silk) – NYX. Another one of my favourites is one I purchased more recently it’s this nude I LOVE it honestly is has to be my top buy this month. I know I’ll be wearing this as my everyday nude.

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump – Soap & Glory.  I love wearing this over my matte lipsticks it gives such a better fell rather than the dry lips especially at this time of year its just what you need.

i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Au Naturel – Sleek. Again another one of my favourites is this pallete from Sleek it just has all the right shades to transition from evening to a morning look. It’s just so easy to have in your make up bag for any look for anytime of the day.

Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen – Soap & Glory. I love my eyeliner as you all know and this is super black which I struggle to find with some eyeliners. You can get the perfect flick in literally minutes. If you don’t have this eyeliner get your hands on it, it’s fab.

Highlighter in Crescent Moon – Topshop. Finally last but not least probably my favourite is this Topshop highlighter I cannot get enough of it its the prettiest colour and it’s actually unbelievable how good it is!! I mean one swatch and you’ll understand it’s too beautiful.

What make-up products are you loving right now? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x