Top tips for travelling abroad..

It’s been a long time, a really long time since I last sat down and did a blog post. I’ve been away for some time and had quite a busy schedule but i’m back.

As I went away I thought I’d share a couple of travelling tips with you that I noticed and a couple of hacks I noted as well.

Always read up on the important information – Most of the time we think we know when our flights due, what amount of luggage is allowed and what time we’re going to arrive but in reality you can never be too sure. Make sure you have read up precisely on all the crucial information and got all your documents and tickets at the get go.

Eat up before boarding – If your anything like me and are picky with your food grab something to eat from McDonalds or even a meal deal from Boots because for me airplane food is a no go and i can’t think of anything worse than being hungry whilst on the plane.

Have a camera/phone handy – Every moment is one to capture as cliché as it sounds but there’s nothing I love more than looking back at how much fun i’ve had and reminiscing on what we did.

Don’t be fussed about WiFi – Embrace where you are, your surroundings and the fabulous time your having you can update your status on Facebook once your back at the hotel. Explore and appreciate what’s beyond you and around you.

Wear sunscreen & mosquito spray – If your silly like me you’ll think you won’t need but when mosquitos invade the right side of your face you regret it more than ever. Lesson learnt always make sure you have the important protection measures with you at all times.

Make a list – If there’s certain things you want to do make a list in your phone or in a little book that you can carry along with you and tick off as you go. As it can be hard to remember all what you want to do in the heat of the moment and excitement.

These are just a couple of tips I wanted to share, I hope you enjoyed reading them.

What’s your favourite part about going away? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo


OOTD Vans Trend…


As you all know I love sharing my outfits with you and I’ve got another outfit I have been loving. It’s super simple and so easy to dress up as well as dress down.

Black shearling jacket (similar) – Warehouse. This has to be my favourite coat/jacket it goes with so many outfits. Shearling have been such a trend and are so easy to show and later with.

High neck cropped jumper (similar) – h&m. I love h&m jumpers the comfort, the size and the quality. It’s always made so well and they’re again such an easy piece to style.

Black high waist Harper jeans – River Island. I kept all the outfit black as to why I wore my high waisted jeans and I love these from River Island they’re the perfect length and fit so nicely.

Checkboard slip-on vans – Vans. I loved my black suede slip-on vans and couldn’t resist purchasing the check boards vans and i did exactly that. I love them they’re so comfy and are such a fun piece to have in your shoedrobe.

Black shoulder bum bag – h&m. Finally the star of the show, i’m in love with this shoulder bag. Off white have released a bag and this bag is such a good dupe as to why I love it. As well as the pink strap I just think it’s such a nice touch, they also did a black strap but i preferred the pink. It really bought the whole outfit together.

What’s you favourite spring/summer accessory? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo


OOTD Puffer jacket season..

On Friday I went into Manchester for a big shop (what’s new) seen as I got paid I thought why not treat myself! I thought I’d share with you my outfit I was wearing as it was super cold (in march why oh why).

Charcoal grey puffer jacket – Next. (similar)I’ve always loved charcoal grey I mean it’s such a neutral colour you could wear all year. I love the shape of this puffer jack they’ve been so in trend for A/W and you just can’t go wrong because they’re super warm too so perfect for UK weather.

Black sweatshirt – ASOS. I love basic sweatshirts they’re such an easy piece to layer with. I mean I think I pretty much have one for every block colour. You can roll up the sleeves took it in or have it really oversized there’s so many ways to style it.

Jamie jeans with stepped hem. – Topshop. I love my Topshop jamie jeans they’re by far the best jeans I own. The stepped hem I think looks so good with ankle boots as it shows off both the boots and the jeans.

Black backpack – Tkmaxx. (similar) I’ve mentioned my love for this bag already, but i’ll say it again it comes everywhere with me and such an easy accessory. It’s not too big which is perfect and can go with any outfit.

Black leather boots – ASOS. (similar)These boots get so many compliments they’ve got a bit of a heel and are perfect for the cold. They’re leather which is perfect and adds to the outfit matching the aesthetic of the bag.

Do let me know what your favourite OOTD for the cold is? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo

How to maintain pearly white teeth:

My teeth are one of the things I treasure quite a lot I mean if you had braces you can probably relate. But I had them for quite a while so I cherish the end results a lot. A key part of my life is a skin care routine but for my teeth I like to have a teeth routine to keep them just how they are and nice and white. I thought I’d share with you guys some of the products I’ve been using in my routine too.

WhiteWash by NANO teeth whitening – Nano teeth whitening are a company that sell a whole range of products just for your teeth. To maintain them and to keep them pearly white. The teeth whitening strips are such an easy and safe way to get white teeth in the comfort of your own home. I love them because you can take them if your going away and they’re just so easy to use. It also comes with a mouthwash and toothpaste to accompany the strips which is perfect to use straight after applying a pair of the strips.

Carbon COCO – Carbon Coco is a natural teeth whitening company which specialises in activated charcoal which I think is really clever. It comes in two parts the activated charcoal toothpaste and the activated charcoal powder. It’s all natural which is always good to avoid any harmful chemicals and the results are fabulous! I mean you can’t go wrong, charcoal has been a major winner throughout 2017 and I think it will follow through 2018 so do get on the bandwagon and try it!

Do let me know if you’ve tried any of these. I’ll be updating my instagram with results so do follow me for regular updates.

What is your favourite way to keep your teeth pearly and white? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo


Haul: New In with Sleek..


I’ve been getting more and more adventurous with my make up as it goes. Not just sticking with my bold eye liner and a nude lip. I thought I’d share with you some of the recent additions to my make up collection.

*Sleek Makeup Highlighter Palette Solstice –I’ve been wanting this pallete for so so long every-time I went to go purchase it, it seemed to be out of stock. When I got it in the post I literally screamed. I’ve needed a new highlighter and this was just in time. As you can see in the pictures above it has some beautiful shades which I cannot wait to try.

*Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eye Palette A New Day –As you know, I love orange and brown shades for my eyes. So this pallete must be made for me I love my smoky pallete from Sleek but I think this will be my new favourite for an everyday subtle eye look.

*Sleek Blush Flamingo – I’m not one to wear blusher if I’m honest but this blusher is perfect for spring/summer when you don’t want to much bronzer but that hint of pink so I cannot wait to add this to my make up routine.

*Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipgloss Old Hollywood – I always feel like I can’t wear a red lip unless I’m going all out with a whole outfit as well as a bold make up look. However, this red has got me wanting to wear red on my lips 25/8. I cannot wait to to wear this on my lips.

*Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipgloss Velvet Slipper – This has to be my favourite shade it’s the perfect pink/nude shade. As I mentioned a nude is a staple in my everyday makeup routine and you can’t really go wrong.

*Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipgloss Vino Tinto – Another shade I think which is abit adventurous is this one. I think an evening outfit and a smoky eye this would go perfect. I think dark lips are more of an everyday autumn make up look but I definitely think it can work in an evening and everyday if you want that bad girl club vibe.

*Sleek Makeup Lifeproof Foundation LP05 – This foundation might just replace my current one. It’s such a good consistency and has medium to full coverage and I mean with that you are winning. It’s perfect for a time you want your make up to last for a long period of time.

*Sleek Makeup Vitality Foundation VF03/VFo4/VF06 – An alternative to the full coverage foundation is this one. It has such a thin feel once applied. It’s perfect for an everyday foundation because your skin can breathe as well as look flawless.

*Sleek Makeup Crème to Powder Foundation C2P02/C2P05 – I was abit sceptical about this at first but the concept is quite clever if you love applying powder after you’ve done your foundation this is for you ladies. It applies really easily and you even have a mirror within the packaging (can we just appreciate how Sleek pretty much put mirrors in most of their packaging – blessed).

What is you go to make up product this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo



5 food places in Manchester you need to visit!

As you know I’m from Manchester and I love it. There’s so many things to do, places to eat at and it’s overall such a great city to be from. For Today’s post I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite places to eat at.

Scene Street Indian Kitchen Spinningfields – Scene is a Indian Kitchen and is located in Spinningfields. I’ve been here for lunch and I can say I love their lunch menu. I’ve also been here in the evening and the atmosphere is so good. I love the vibe inside the restaurant the decor is very old school and retro. I do love Indian food and I can say it’s one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to.  So I’d definitely head down if you love Indian food or just want a nice meal.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Spinningfields – As you may or may not know I do love a good burger. One of my favourite places for a burger is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. These are located nearly everywhere and the lunch menu is a definite winner as you get so much for your money. So it’s definitely worth it, plus the burgers are one of the best I’ve tasted. This is more casual if you wanted to grab a bite for lunch and maybe in the evening.

Opium Lounge – Opium might just be my favourite place in Manchester. It’s located just near the Great Northern Warehouse next to All Star bowling. It does the BEST pizza as you can probably tell. The interior and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is gorgeous! As well as for lunch I’ve been in the evening and it’s such a good place to go for a meal and drinks whether that’s with family , friends or co-workers.

Ezra & Gil – Coffee shops are one of my favourite places for a catch up. I mean a coffee and good company you can’t go far wrong. Ezra and Gil is located in the Northern Quater and as you know it’s one of the coolest parts of Manchester – well I think anyway. You can pop into Ezra and Gil for breakfast and even brunch they do the best brownies I can assure you.

New Yorker American Street Food – As I previously mentioned I love my burgers. New Yorker is one of my favourite places for street food. The interior of the place is so cool and urban. I love how they serve their food as well as the whole experience of ordering your food. I’m not going tell you, you’ll have to visit and see how you can grab your food. They do the best milkshakes as well as desserts. I mean if it’s a cheat day this is the best place to be.

What is your favourite food place? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo




My most worn trainers..


As you may or may not know I love shoes and have quite a large trainer collection. Like they’ve always been my thing since I was a tot. I can remember having Reebock Classics in pink and blue and never wanting to take them off. I don’t think my love for trainers will ever leave me. I’m totally obsessed from new releases to keeping my shoes super clean. I thought I’d do a post on my most worn trainers and give you an insider on probably not even half of my collection.

Gold and Pink satin Puma Suedes – OFFICE I bought these quite a while ago but I’m still so in love with them. They are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own, if even my favourite they’re so pretty. I love that they’re gold but beige it gives them such a subtle look and makes it so easy to style them with outfits. They’re more of a spring summer shoe I’d say but no stopping me wearing them.

Nike Air Max Ultra Women’s – Nike. Nike 97s are the ultimate Nike shoe everyone needs. They’ve released so many colours and styles from the camo to the silver bullet. They’re such an original shoe and you cannot go wrong. I love black/white combo as they go with every outfit and can be styled so easily. I’m obsessed that they’re reflective too and definitely thinking about getting another pair.

Nike Air Force 1 Women’s – JD Sports. Air Force 1 are as original as it gets. I love the all white ones and these pink suede gum bottom ones I had to have, I mean a gum bottom is so authentic and so easy to rock. I love the shade of pink and they’re perfect for winter as well as summer which makes them super versatile as you can wear them whenever and not be restricted to choice. JD also have released red and yellow which also look super trendy.

PUMA Fenty Cleated Creepers Womens – JD Sports.The Fenty x Puma collection is such a unique collection. I love creepers and these are perfect for someone who’s 5’4 and needs that added height at first I was abit sceptical about the added platform at the bottom but I can tell you it’s so worth it. I love that they’re velvet and all black because I think it’s quite hard to an all black trainer correctly and these are just flawless.

New Balance 247 Womens – JD Sports New Balance are that different shoe that you think can I pull it off or will I just not rock it? But let me tell you one thing one you step into some New Balance it’s one of the comfiest shoes you could ever wear. These Revlite’s have almost a knitted feel to the front of the shoe which makes it super comfortable for your feet. Then the shape of the shoe is so easy to compliment your feet which is always a winner.

What are your go to trainers? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo