Simplicity of Loveđź’–

Hey guys! I’ve missed blogging – I had mock week. Did anyone else? I’ve been so busy with revision that I had no time to post but I hope your all well and smiling.

I didn’t really know what to write about at first but then I had a thought today.


People fall in love in mysterious ways. Many people enter you life some for good reasons, some for not so good. Thinking about this, many people who were in my life last year have disappeared including family and friends.

However,I met a variety of people too, who I am very close to and hold a high rank in my heart. Life throws things at you in many different ways you have to be strong knowing not all people will stay in your life forever and many people will enter to keep you realising what life is really about.

Life is your shot to have fun show everyone what your about,who you are. Some people will become your best-friends as they will love everything about you and have something to relate to you with. You’ll form bonds/friendships/relationships with people who you thought you never would talk to. Unexpected friendships/relationships are the best ones.

You fall in love once if its true,you won’t see the bad just the beauty and imperfections.

Some people will break your heart but trust me their is a “better plan for you” – a close friend told me this and its so true. Heart ache is the worst if you love someone and afraid of telling them,don’t be it’ll all be okay what’s the worst that could happen? Loving someone is when they are perfect in your eyes, their flaws don’t matter just everything about them becomes perfect because they will mean so much to you. Never feel upset or hurt if it doesn’t go to plan because everything happens for a reason and it’ll be okay I promise.

Many people will hate the fact that your happy,but keep your held high,stay smiling and most of all think about yourself not what they think because at the end of the day its all about you.

If your in a relationship,don’t let anyone ruin it. If you love each other nothing will ever come between you. Stay loyal,if there’s something wrong always tell your partner it’ll help get it off your chest. You’ll be much calmer and happier.

Best-friends and friends don’t last forever. Some will stay. Some will go – but that’s life right? Always tell the truth if your upset (exactly the same with relationships). Trust is vital. If there’s no trust there’s nothing. Love each other for who you are, have fun and be crazy! Friends are family. Love each other, trust each other and support each other! Your friendship will be perfect.

Everything will be okay. No matter what.

Appreciate the amazing friends&family around you!

Don’t make a bad day seem like you have a bad life.

I’ve never done a post like this, so if you like it leave it in the comments I’ll be sure to do more on lifestyle or anything else you wish.


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