Be true to you.


Hey guys,hope your all doing well.

I didn’t know what to blog about until this moment.

I just got an idea.

Many teenagers are at my age and are getting judged for the littlest things. Does it matter what you do? How you do it? Who you are? What your interested in?

Everyone’s different that’s what makes everyone unique. You are you, be proud of who you are don’t let anyone judge you for being you. We all will like and dislike different things we shouldn’t get judged for this. Also,you shouldn’t get put down by anyone judging you. They only like doing it as they have nothing better to do but let me tell you something each and every one of you is perfect with all your imperfections someone out there loves you for being you don’t let anyone tell you any different your all special for the little things you do in life so be proud of yourself for being you.

Don’t ever change yourself for anyone if being yourself towards someone is not enough for them I suggest you leave them behind and move on because one day I promise you someone will walk into your life who will you a million times more than anyone else ever did for being yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest clothes, if your popular or not if you are a different race at the end of the day we are all human, we are all the same but unique in who we are so everyone should be treated equally and not get judged there will always be a minority in the society to judge but you’ve got to keep going an be strong and not let it bring you down trust me it gets better I promise.

Thank you for reading guys.

If you want more posts like this leave it in the comments I’ll be sure to do more.

Or if you have any problems you’d like advice on check out my click here.

I’ll see you soon – stay sassy x


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