*Keeping it classy with LYLA LOVES



I received a exciting parcel this morning. I had been waiting for this all week. It was from Lyla Loves.

I chose 2 accessories. The first one being a pair of Gold Diamond Earrings. I really love this diamond shape, dainty jewellery is my favourite. I love wearing earrings and I was in need of a gold pair I can’t wait to start wearing these so sassy!!

The second one was Gold and Blue Stacking Rings. These rings are just so beautiful. They colours go together so well and you can mix and match which ones you want to wear with whichever outfit. I have never found any rings that fit me so I was worried these may not fit,but they fit perfectly which surprised me as I can never find ones that fit. So I’ll be wearing these with all my outfits mixing and matching and keeping it classy as well as looking sassy with Lyla Loves.

Go check out Lyla Loves for some amazing jewellery including necklaces, bracelets ,rings and earrings etc.




 Like always thanks for reading.

I’ll see you soon guys – stay sassy x



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