Everyday and everywhere essentials.


Hey guyssss!

These are a few things I take everywhere I go and use everyday. I love them all so much. I probably couldn’t live without them.

Pink and black Skull Candy earphones – Skull Candy. I cannot live without my earphones they go with me wherever I go.

A5 Notebook – Paperchase. A notebook is always needed to jot ideas I get for my blog and just to doodle sometimes.

USB – WH Smith. My USB has got everything on it so it comes with me along with my super cute key rings ft. Jessie J and Shenice.

MUA cover and conceal concealer – Superdrug. This is not the best concealer but its good for on the go so I take this one with me.

Maybeline baby-lips – Superdrug. I have very dry lips so I carry this around to ensure my lips are always hydrated.

Diesel Fuel for life 7ml – The fragrance shop. This perfume smells so nice. I love it. It’s nearly all gone so need to invest in another one soon.

Peppersmith mints and Chewing gum – Peppersmith. As you may know I’ve had braces for half my life and had them taken off in September last year so its essential I keep my teeth clean and white as I had them whitened so I carry these mints around which freshen my breath aswell as being healthy for my teeth.

Coral and white purse – New Look. I bought this purse last year I think so they probably don’t have it anymore but I need this always obviously.

Pens – Eurooffice. I obviously need some pens to jot my ideas down with these are super cute and my favourite colours.

Batiste dry shampoo – Boots. This is my favourite hair product in the entire world – I LOVE IT! I take it everywhere it adds volume to my hair also keeping it looking fresh.

Lynx Women – Boots. This body spray I take everywhere it smells lush.

What are your essentials? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x

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