*Stylish streetwear!

Hi guys.

Is everyone as happy as I am? We’ve finally got 2 weeks off! This can only mean one thing more blog posts! – Yes.

I just wanted to mention thank you for 800 followers, I mean that may not seem a lot to may people but to me that’s one of best things ever! The support from you guys is just so overwhelming. All the Twitter DM’s with requests of what people want to see on my blog and all the positive comments. I love all my readers so much – your support is the best!

As many of you know I love styling outfits and looking my best; all the time. Most of you know that I love streetwear! It’s my favourite category of fashion and I love dressing in streetwear so much!

As you may know I love the streetwear brand Kryptik Rose. They are literally one of my favourite brands that do streetwear. Their clothing is stylish and classy (which can only mean it’s sassy too).

They recently launched their new collection at Bloggers Fashion Week. It’s the “SS15 I love me” collection. You can check it out here!

Here are my favourite pieces:

Holographic Black Hoodie: This hoody is just really comfy. Its holographic guys!! You know how much I love that effect.

IMG_8809 IMG_8715

Monochrome Black Rose Tee: I don’t even know how to explain how sassy this tee is. It looks super cute tucked into some high waisted jeans.

IMG_8793 IMG_8791

Also guys you can 10% off your order over £40 the discount code is XKIRANX enjoy!

Whats your favourite style of fashion? Comment below lovelys.

Thanks for reading guys.

I’ll see you all very soon – stay sassy x


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