*Accessorizing with Orelia Jewellery.















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Hey my loves.

I hope you are all smiling and well.

A few days ago I received the cutest jewellery pieces from Orelia Jewellery. I love accessorizing with gold jewellery as it near enough goes with anything. I picked 2 things off their website which I liked these were:

Triple triangle necklace – This just stood out. I love triangular jewellery and I thought this would look lovely with most of my outfits like a little statement necklace. I guess it worked as I wore it under my collar of my blouse and it looked super cute – I love it!!

Engraved tube bead braclet – I haven’t really has the best experience with bracelets to be fair. As I have really small wrists they never seem to fit. So I decided to take a risk and pick this bracelet as I just adored the simplicity of it. Sadly, once I wore this it again was too big for my wrist but I like it so I’ll try and have to find a use for it.

Orielia Jewellery can also be found on ASOS& in store Topshop.

Get 20% off here:

What’s your favourite type of jewellery? Comment below.

Thanks for reading guys – stay sassy x


6 thoughts on “*Accessorizing with Orelia Jewellery.

  1. Hey thanks,I love it when blogsggers make it easy for us to comment. I love the jewellery , and will be getting my 20% off for my niece. Hey well you did ask what my fave type of jewllery Is and it is PEARLS! real ones, and hey I am in my late 40 s, but I don’t think they are at all stuffy or old fashioned. Pearls are cool and I say you can mix and match your classic chic pearls with your cool, rock chic stuff.
    What do ya think???
    Love Pearls By Fleur

    • I love that too! I love interacting with my readers and finding out what they love! I love pearls to they’re elegant and classy and I totally agree with you!! Thanks, for your lovely comment, kiran x

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