Prom // The Magical Moments

Hey again!

I wanted to just dedicate this post to everyone at prom last night. Each and everyone of you girls looked stunning and you lads well you looked dapper I’ve got to say.

It was so much fun from dancing all night cutting some ridiculous shapes on the dance floor (probably just me). Wow, some of you can really dance –  was so impressed guys!! To listening to the band again which was wicked as well as the Dj’ing.

This was our final event together other than results day in August – so our prom was quite significant. It was held at the Worsley Park Marriot Hotel & Country Club which was a lovely venue. The teachers did a great job decorating the room and the tables it looked beautiful.

The majority of the teachers were there which was great as we got to see them again. They all looked lovely. Overall, prom 2015 was probably the best night ever. Every moment was important.

I loved it.

Most importantly all the pictures and all the love that was being given out honestly I couldn’t ask for a better year group to have my prom with. I’m not going to go on with myself because I’ve told you all how much I love you all.

Thanks so much for a magical night everyone.

I wish you all the best of luck and I’m honestly going to miss seeing you all everyday.

Guys stay classy and also always be sassy.

Here are the magical moments of last night:


Thank you everyone for the most magical night, I love you all. #Leavers2015 #ClassOf2015

I’ll see you all soon.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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