*Balmi // Lip Balm

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Hey guyssssss.

I hope you are all well and as happy as me. Like seriously I’m just always so happy – I guess its all good then.

Guess what…I received the worlds cutest lip balm like seriously. I love it. A lot.

I have to say I’d always seen Balmi when I walked around in Boots. I did want to go pick it up but I never actually got round to doing because Batiste Dry Shampoo takes up all my attention in Boots – it really does.

So I got asked if I would like to review I was like hell yeah! I’m glad I did. I chose the Raspberry flavour as you can see – I’ve got to say it smells divine almost how a unicorn would smell and that is a pretty nice scent as you can imagine.

Since they day I got it, it’s the only thing I apply it lasts all day keeping my lips refreshed and hydrated – oh and smelling like unicorns. Its the whole package. Literally.

If you haven’t already got one get one because then we’ll be matching and we can all have sassy lips YAY!

What’s you favourite lip balm? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading lovely’s – stay sassy x


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