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I hope all of you are well. It feels like ages since I’ve blogged but it actually wasn’t that long ago. As I’ve been relatively due to Ramadhan finishing and Eid occurring I’ve hardly had a chance to sit and blog. Its all over now so I can blog now woohoo!

So as I haven’t done an outfit of the day in quite a while here’s one for you guys:

Dope Jumper – Topshop. – I bought this quite a while ago so I’m not too sure if its available to buy but wow have I missed the comfort of it. Its so cosy for a rainy day like today plus a black jumper is a wardrobe staple.

Grey Acid Wash Ripped Jeans – Jailbird. – I kindly got sent these jeans and honestly they are the perfect pair. The fit perfectly, they make my legs look long which I love because honestly my legs are even that long. They add length and look so good on. You can Jailbird at debenhams, KOKO Couture website etc.

Checkboard Vans – Vans. – You probably think Kiran never wears any other shoes but honestly these are so comfy I cannot no wear them. I’m thinking of getting a pair of the disney slip-ons because they’re just adorable. I love vans.

I love this outfit for little trips out as its not too flashy just simple but grunge love love love it.

What’s your favourite rainy day outfit? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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