*Accessorizing with SnazzBacks

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I know your all like wait Kiran there’s only one blog post a week why another…well because I was too excited to wait and I’m going post more than once per week maybe three times I think? Well I’ll let you know what I decide.

Yesterday morning I received my Red SnazzBack which I kindly got sent by the company themselves. You guys know how much I love street style and this is perfect for any outfit just to add that little boost in colour as it’s bright red or slightly dress up an outfit you could say.

As it was so sunny yesterday it was perfect to block any heat towards my head or my hair. I love how it looks also I don’t like wearing it at the front but I love wearing it backwards as I think I suite it more this way.

My favourite thing about it is that you don’t even need to bother doing your hair you just need to brush it and once its one your all done and ready to go – which is also perfect for bad hair days!

Overall, I love snapbacks and I’m going get so much wear out of this I can tell. I love the name ‘SnazzBacks’ as its unique and also their slogan is ‘stay snazzy’ almost like mine ‘stay sassy’ I love it!!

Everyone go check out SnazzBacks for a variety of bucket hats, beanies and snazzbacks.

Get 10% off your order with the code: AUG10

What’s you favourite type of hat? Comment below.

Thanks for reading my loves – stay sassy x


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