Preparing for college…♥


Hey guys!

I thought as everyone who is either at school/college/uni are going to be going back soon I’d do a post in between to share with you how I’m preparing.

As you all know I have know finished secondary school and will be attending college from September. This is going to be a big change from school to college so I thought I’d share with you a few tips and a few things I think are essential for me as well as what I need to purchase to prepare myself for college.

Tip: I also think as stressful as starting college can be you should relax and try not to overthink about it as this just gets you all worked up and stressed so its always good to do things you enjoy yo take your mind off things – for me that would be watching my favourite films or jamming to some of my favourite tunes and even blogging helps me relax!!

As I’ve decided to do very creative and technical subjects at college I think I need to purchase some new wireless speakers as my phone and my smaller speakers are just not working for me so I think they be perfect as they’re wireless so there isn’t that much hassle which I love. As then if I’m asked to watch clips or even movies (which I do all the time when I’m free) I can get the best sound experience as well enjoy it as much as a cinema. Youn can check out a reviews on these speakers here for more info.

Again, few other things which are essentials and are pretty self explanatory are:

1// Staedtler Pens Its good to have pens of all colours you never which you’ll need they always come in handy!

2//Minnie Mouse Tumbler Cute cups help me stay hydrated p.s I love disney!

3// Wireless Speakers explained above but you need a good sound system to jam to.

4//Festival Writing Set Its cute also great to jot notes and plan on!

5// Notebooks They’re just super cute and you can never have enough notebooks!

What are your essentials for going back to school/college/uni? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x






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