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I hope all my lovely readers are well.

I’ve got to say I’m so nervous as tomorrow is results day as you may know and I get my GCSE results which is quite nerve racking – I just really hope it goes well.

Today I’ve got quite a different post but I thought it’d be fun to share.

It was my little and only brother Muhammad’s birthday on Monday and I planned him a surprise party and I thought I’d share a few pictures and how it all went.

As you may or may not know I love birthdays and when I was little parties were my favourite I mean what wasn’t their to love. There was always cake, games and best of all goody bags – it was like a dream come true.

Firstly I decided to choose a theme and I chose Marvel Avengers as my brother loves avengers I mean there isn’t a film that he hasn’t seen so I thought why not?

Here are a few links of the things which helped throw this party:

‘Marvel Avengers’ party pack – Party Bags&Supplies // This pack was amazing as it had everything combined into one so it was so much easier than getting everything separately as it was all in one.

Marvel Avengers Traybake – Asda // This cake was honestly delicious I love chocolate cake and it was Marvel perfect!

Moam Selection Tub – Asda // I mean Moams are pretty self explanatory – they are life!

What’s your favourite part of a children’s party? Comment below.

Thanks for reading loves – stay sassy x


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