Quick&Easy Hairstyles!


Hey guys!

I hope your all well, and that you are enjoying your weekend.

Today I’ve got for you a post I’ve not don’t before which is quick and easy hairstyles. I love having my hair looking different because it’s quite long I hate always having it down.

So if your hair is like mine maybe this can help I’ve got 3 different hair styles which I’ve been wearing a lot. All take less than 5 minutes to do which is perfect for if you are at college or school even work it looks like you’ve taken time and effort when really it’s just super quick and you still look flawless.

1// Messy bun – I love having my hair up in a bun especially when it’s that cute but messy style it just looks so natural yet makes your hair look really stylish as well as out of the way as it’s either pinned with super adorable accessories or the average bobby pins like mine. Like I said to accessorize you can add cute pins or bows which adds that extra sparkle to your whole look.

2// High ponytail with hair wrap – This is one of my favourite hair styles. Having my hair up in a high pony tail is a norm but with the hair wrapped round it’s even better because it looks so damn cool like seriously especially if you have long hair it’s quite easy to hide using a bobby pin. The simplicity of this hair style is what makes me love it.

3// Half bun half down – Last but not least this has to be my favourite quick and easy hair style I mean it looks so pretty whether you have short or long hair. Personally I love how it looks on Zoella her hair is the perfect length and her just always look stunning like this. Honestly I mean if Zoe can rock this hair style so can we. Try this out on your hair you’ll instantly fall in love.

With all these hair styles once you’ve done them just pull little sections of hair out from here and there to perfect it to how you want and bam you’ll look as beautiful as ever with the cutest hairstyles.

What’s your favourite hair style? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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