September – I love it, I want it!



Your probably thinking Kiran you’ve already blogged why again…Just because I really wanted to do this post as September is nearly over so I thought it’d be a perfect read for a Sunday too.

1. Daisy trim tee – Topshop. I’ve seen this in every shop I’ve walked into and honestly haven’t had the chance to grab one. I just think it’d fit perfectly in my wardrobe as I have no stripes I’m not even kidding. Its a must have for me!!

2. High neck top – Topshop. I really liked the print on this, I love printed tops especially as they are so easy to style and look pretty as well as sophisticated.

3. Grey jersey dress – H&M. This is pretty basic I know but I’m loving the layering type of look. I’ve been on Tumblr too much but it just looks so subtle. You could add jewellery as well as a long waistcoat it’d look so classy.

4. Coral lace up shirt – New Look. I’ve seen this in Primark in black but this colour is so beautiful plus I haven’t got anything like this so its a must have.

5. Faux fur jacket – Topshop. I have been seeing many Youtubers with fluffy coats and I honestly really want one because they look adorable on and just look so warm. I need it.

6. Mini dress – Zara. I’m not actually sure why I chose this but again its probably because of the colour and design.

7. Nike joggers – Urban Outfitters. I need a new pair of joggers. Like super comfy ones and these look the part. They’re perfect for lounging around in on Sundays or going to the gym once in a while so they’re definitely worth it!

8. Biker jeans- Zara. I mean these just look so I right? I think they’d suite my figure well but they’re just so stylish like WOW!

9. Black backpack – Urban Outfitters. I have been loving wearing my backpack again and I could sure do with another one and this looks so classy and its the perfect size too.

10. Lace up boots – New Look. I mean as its autumn I could do with a pair of boots or I’m going freeze to be fair these look comfy and are in trend.

11. Chelsea boots – Office. Lastly, I have seen quite a few girls in college pulling these off and seriously they look so nice so I decided to add them to the list!!

What’s your A/W essential? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading guys – stay sassy x


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