Beauty Personal Shopper at Selfridges♡



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Hey everyone!

I told you I had a few exciting posts coming up and this was one of them!!

On Saturday, yes my birthday I was lucky enough to get invited by Charlotte Ingram to explore the new beauty personal shopper over at Selfridges in Manchester. This was amazing to discover especially a luxury start to my birthday! This was in a small secret room behind all the various beauty counters which was so luxurious I mean everything from the decor to the layout was so well put together.

Charlotte is the personal shopper who runs this service. She can give you specific advice for make up as well as skin care. Charlotte also makes you feel as though your at home, she’s so friendly and you can easily ask her questions.  This service is complimentary and it’s something for everyone to try. Charlotte also showed me her favourite products and I can honestly say I fell in love with them too!!

I know how hard it can be finding the correct beauty product perfect for your skin, for teenagers like me I think this service allows you to get what you specifically need. Charlotte also mentioned about the many different people who want the latest products, men who are Christmas shopping for girlfriends and family who need a little guidance.

Also, there is no minimum spend if you don’t want to purchase anything you don’t have to as well as the service being free. To get the best for your skin as well as amazing service book with Charlotte at the beauty personal shopper now!

Contact Charlotte for bookings by ringing 0161 838 0610

Do you want the latest products before anyone else you can also contact Charlotte for them too!



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