*KiranAlix Turns 1! | Cake Giveaway♥

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Today it has been a year since my first blog post went live.

Happy Birthday to my blog!

Happy Birthday to my blog!

Happy Birthday to KiranAlix!

Happy Birthday to my blog!

This year has probably been one of the most successful years I’ve had. Having a blog has changed so many things within my life. I can honestly say it’s one the best things I’ve done. All the opportunities I’ve had have been so amazing every brand I’ve been lucky enough to work with as well as the events I’ve attended.

Most importantly thank you to everyone who reads and has an interest in what I post weekly and supports me day in day out. The support from all my lovely readers is one thing that irreplaceable and I’m so grateful that you have all followed me on this journey and I guess we can continue this journey and see what’s to come for KiranAlix.

From the lovely people over at Bakerdays they sent me one of their Letterbox Cakes . I couldn’t be more happier the way it turned out it is adorable. It matched my blog theme perfectly and most importantly it was delicious!!

My favourite part was the packaging as it came in the cutest tin and look super vintage but so classy!

Another exciting announcement is that I’ve partnered with Bakerdays  for one of you lovely reader to win a Letterbox Cake of your own!

Click here to enter! – Click the giveaway tab on my facebook page.

The terms are that you follow me on Twitter and like my facebook page! 

The giveaway ends on 25/10/2015, so get your entries in!

Thanks for reading&your continued support! – stay sassy x




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