3 Easy Halloween Looks!

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Hey guys!

As Halloween is soon approaching I thought I’d do a post on some easy looks. These are really quick and suitable for everyone I love them because they look super adorable and are so fun to do! For all these looks I will link all the products I used. For all the looks the foundation is the same as well as they eye make up so you can do whichever look simply just after doing the first step!

1. Bruised Zombie Look – 

This bruised zombie look is super easy to do. Just do your foundation as normal then add a few dots of eye liner on your face but lightly then blend this with a blush brush giving you a bruised effect. Next do your eye shadow nice and dark and don’t forget to wing that eye liner as well as add kohl eyeliner into your water line giving your eyes a super dark tone. Then with a super thin lip brush apply some red lipstick to it and then draw a crack like line down the side of your face. To finish the look apply some lipstick onto your lips to bring out your eye make up making you look extra scary!


2. Cute Cat Look – 

Again same with the foundation and eye make up for this look too. Then using the liquid pen liner colour in the top of your nose. For the whiskers make sure your kohl eye liner is sharp and draw 3 whiskers on each side with three dots next to them. Apply the colour rush lip balm to give it that cute pink effect!


3. Spiderweb Eye Look –

For the final look same again for the foundation and eyes. Next using the pen liquid liner draw a spider web around your eye I decided to do mine on the end as I have a full fringe but if you don’t you can go all the way round which would look dope too. Then apply your lipstick so its really dark complimenting your eyes and spider web perfectly!


I hope you enjoyed this post!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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