Blogmas day 6// Crimson Red Christmas!

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This weather has got me wanting to never leave my bed but good news because there’s only 19 days until Christmas!

Today I decided to a post I normally wouldn’t do, concerning homeware and decor add that little bit of festive spirit with just a few small steps. As I have noticed many people like the simplistic decor and I’ve got to say I’m one of them. So here’s a few steps to get the simple but festive look in your home.

Red Cherry Diffuser – Debenhams. This just smells divine and adds warmth and calmness to the atmosphere on a cold night. You can place this on your fireplace as a ornament and it sits well as it just the most calming red.

Sweet Berry Candle – Ikea. I literally can’t stop burning this candle it smells the best and honestly I’ve never loved a candle more for this time of year than this one. I keep this on my bedside table and burn whilst watching movies as its just so comforting.

Red Tinsel – M&S. One of my favourite things ever about Christmas is tinsel I mean oh my god it doesn’t get more exciting than this I love walking around with on me like the show girls would do but everyone’s loves tinsel to add that Christmas colour.

Red Genie Lamp – Dubai. My dad bought this back with him from Dubai and honestly its just so beautiful we have 2 of these sitting on our fireplace and they make the perfect ornaments and I’ve luckily found a link and you can get them for yourself.

Red Glitter Mini Gift Box – John Lewis. This is the cutest right? I mean its like a miniature gift. You can put these on your window sill as they add that excitement of Christmas and the joy of presents.

Red Candle Holder – Asda. Finally, this red candle holder is perfect to hold a tea light and if you have a few of these they look quite nice lit up along a shelf.

This is a few ways I’ve added crimson red decor to my home.

How have you decorated your home? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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