Blogmas day 18//Favourite drugstore products!♥


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Hey guysss!

Finally finished college for 2 weeks (YAY!!) Plus there’s only 7 days until Christmas…are you excited because I know I am!!!

For today’s post I thought I’d share what beauty drugstore products I’ve been loving.

1// Bronzing Powder – Bagsy Beauty. I have been using this everyday when I’ve done a whole make-up look and honestly it blends so nicely and lasts all day I mean with them traits you can’t wrong!

2// Glitter Dust – Barry M. I have this in a few different colours but the bronzy/gold I feel is perfect for this time of year and looks gorgeous on the eye lids!!

3// Sexy Mother Pucker – Soap&Glory. I have every shade of in this because I love it that much, like its perfect for going over a nude lip or just wearing with a soft make-up look.

4// Contour Parfait Lip Liner – L’Oréal. Everyone has been asking me what is on my lips and honestly its just this lip pencil in the shade rosewood. Its the perfect nude and lasts all day as well as not making your lips feel dry.

5// Infallible Foundation – L’Oreal I love love love this foundation. It’s the perfect drugstore foundation I recommend anyone with sensitive skin to try this I mean it makes you look flawless.

These are my favourite make-up drugstore products, what are yours? Comment below.

Thank you for reading loves – stay sassy x




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