Blogmas day 25// It’s FINALLY Christmas!!♥

Joyeux Noël


The long wait is now over…24 days and its here. I don’t have anything special to post other than I hope you all received everything you wanted and get the happiness of Christmas with your family, friends and loved ones. All in all this year has been much more exciting doing blogmas and  can happily say since last years series of blog posts I’ve progressed quite well and that’s thanks to you guys for the feedback as well as contributions to what I should post. Thank you so much for all the continuous support and to those who read my blog whether that’s one post or them all – I’m so so grateful.

What a great year! I hope you all sit back and enjoy the warmth of happiness and love with your families and look forward to new year. Always remember to be grateful for everything you receive and especially your parents, friends and loved ones, because things or object can’t bring you as much happiness as heart felt love from our favourite people cherish them in every way everyday. Let’s not forget about the less fortunate always be appreciative of what you receive and never forget to give back because some people all over the world never get anything.

Thanks again for such an amazing month.

Love you all lots.

See you soon – stay sassy x




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