Boxing Day Bargains!|2015


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Hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas&boxing day! (I know I did!)

As on boxing day I went on a little shopping spree as well as yesterday I popped into Manchester. I picked up a few things so I thought I’d share what I purchased with you guys. Enjoy!

Back Textured Blazer – Next. I decided to pick this up and I wasn’t really sure at first then I tried it on and quite liked the look of it on and I think I will get quite a lot of wear out of it as it will compliment high waisted jean as well as trousers really well. It also reminded me of the long boyfriend coats which are quite in trend and I think it will be really fun to style plus for £16 you can’t go wrong right?

Mid-Blue Leigh Jeans – Topshop. I just had to include these even though I bought them full price for me they’re a bargain because they’re the comfiest of jeans and just are all round great!

Lace Up Leather Brogues – Next. I was in serious need of a new pair of shoes and since I left school I haven’t bought a versatile pair of shoes for college and so I picked these up. I love the the comfort of brogues as well as how they look. Cannot wait to get back into wearing them.

Basic Striped Crop Tee – ZARA. Finally, yesterday I popped into Zara and saw this and I’ve not bought anything stripey in quite a while so I thought why not? Plus with my new high waisted jeans I think it’d make a perfect outfit.

What bargains did you grab this boxing day? Comment below?.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



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