Outfit of the day – Winter Wonders♥

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Hey guys!

I hope your all enjoying the snow if you got some over night, if you didn’t hopefully you’ll get some soon. Today I’ve got one of my favourite posts which is a outfit of the day. I have recently been loving this outfit its not too dressy and not too casual it sits just in the middle which I love.

Charcoal Grey Turtle Neck – H&M. A turtle neck is something I thought would never suite me but you never know unless you try and honestly I love it!! It’s so comfy and looks so good on.

Mid-Blue Leigh Jeans – Topshop. As you may have seen in my boxing day blog post I purchased these jeans. I wore them and they are a perfect fir not baggy at all and accompanied the turtle neck really well.

Back Textured Blazer – Next. Again same with the jeans I purchased this on boxing day. Honestly this just adds a sense of sophistication to the outfit as well as a soft look. I love it!

Adidas Superstars – Adidas Originals. Finally, my superstars since I’ve bought them I cannot stop wearing them and I’m surprised they’re still white, but again they have got be my favourite shoes ever!!

For this outfit you could add a pair of heels and a statement necklace and its perfect night out you can dress it up or down and still be warm its perfect.

What’s your favourite clothing item at the minute? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the day – Winter Wonders♥

  1. beautiful !enjoy the snow 😀 and superstars are amazing – I have the same pair hehe
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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