Blush Pink Spring!

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All this warmth has got me hyped, in the UK we haven’t had sun like this in forever. I’ve had such a good start to the weekend, what have you guys been up to? For today’s post I just thought as the sun is finally making an appearance I’d share with you some of my go to beauty products for spring!

Speed Plump – Soap and Glory. I love keeping my skin hydrated especially when the sun is out. This is my go to as it absorbs into the skin so easily and is so soft on the skin.

Kate Moss Lipstick – Boots. I’ve recently re-discovered this lipstick and honestly the application of this is so easy and it looks so good with a simple outfit.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Boots. To add that extra volume to your hair without backcombing it, dry shampoo is the best option. Its forever going to be my favourite hair product.

Lip Balm – Balmi. Dry lips are the worst especially in the sun, to overcome this I love using my raspberry balmi it’s so easy to apply because of the packaging I love it!

Sexy Mother Pucker – Soap and Glory. This is perfect to apply on top of a nude lipstick to add that extra shine, especially in the Spring!

Raspberry Lip Balm – Bagsy Beauty. Again, as raspberry is my favourite I love this tinted lip balm when I’m not really in the mood for wearing lipstick this is a perfect alternative.

Gloss Stick – Soap and Glory. Similar to other pinks this is such as gorgeous shade which compliments my outfits so well in the Spring.

Matte Liquid Lipstick – Maybeline. I recently purchased this and honestly its such a pretty nude it can be paired with any make-up look and it would instantly look so beautiful.

Nail Varnish – Little Odine. I mentioned the mint green in my favourites but the pink is perfect for Spring!

What is your go-to Spring beauty product? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




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