New Lush store in Manchester Arndale VIP Event!

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I’ve been super excited about this post for quite a while. On Thursday me and Hemisha took a trip down to Manchester to get a first look at the new lush store for the VIP event, which I was kindly invited too. I totally couldn’t turn this down; it was a must to attend!

Lush have opened a brand new store which is bigger and better than their previous one. It also has items which you can only get in that store, with other new products and releases.

The interior is probably my favourite feature, it’s so inviting not just by the scent but by the colour components of each sections of the store, starting from bath bombs to then make-up, skincare, hair care and so much more. Something that I don’t think many or any stores have is the green house this is where all the plants are stored and you can go in for a consultation which is tailored specifically for you and your needs. Within your consultation Lush staff can apply products you may want to try before purchasing making your shopping trip nothing but successful!

We got to go round to each station and get more of a look into what some products contain and the benefits of them on our skin. This was really helpful for u to get an insight to what would suite us and our skin. There were also bath bomb demonstrations like they do normally which is always so fascinating!

Another new aspect to this store is that they have a party section where you can book and have fun and games! This again is another exciting exclusive to this store! Throughout the night we were served the cutest Lush cookies as well as brownies and loads of other good stuff! (we were totally spoilt!) My favourite new items had to be the make-up as the lipsticks and eye-shadows which can also be used as highlighters are so glittery,pigmented and long lasting its unreal!! Another new aspect they’ve introduced is tying your purchases into a little bag with colourful printed scarfs they’re all so pretty!!

The store is now open and ready for you to shop till you drop, it’s located in the Manchester Arndale!

Thank you to everyone at Lush for such a good evening at the VIP event and my lovely friend Hemisha for accompanying me.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



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