Outfit of the day // Styling sports clothing♡

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As I’ve noticed I haven’t done an outfit of the day in a long while, so I decided to do one with one of my favourite outfits! Primarily because 95% of time I’m always in this outfit. The base of this outfit is sport I mean I’ve always had a thing for sports clothing like Adidas and Nike. I love having the sporty look while doing no physical activity at all (being the person I am hahaha)!

Adidas Trefoil Tee – Adidas. I mean when I got the t-shirt I didn’t think I’d get much wear out of it but I’ve wore it quite often to college and styled it with other jackets and bottoms giving it a total different look every time.

MA1 Zip Bomber – Topshop. I purchased this bomber a few weeks ago I was unsure whether to get it or not, but I bought it. Bombers have been trending for so long and I’m so glad they are because I love all my bombers so much so easy to style and such a cool piece to add to any outfit.

Adidas Original Superstars – Adidas. My superstars are my babies, I mean they’re still so white which I couldn’t be happier about! They’re loved everywhere and by everyone and again you can’t go wrong wearing these.

High Waist Skinny Jeans – Next. Finally my jeans are the most beautiful blue which I love. As you all probably know my love for Next jeans. These jeans are just so comfy and don’t fade at all – can you believe it??

What are your favourite outfits currently? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x

[visuals: Hemisha]




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