*10 Piece Kabuki Black Make Up Brush Set | Savisto

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Sometimes a beauty blender might do an uneven job, but where do we go from there? I mean since the beauty blender hype I’ve hardly used any make-up brushes only sometimes to conceal them eye bags (wait maybe that’s quite often whoops)! However, I have been on the hunt for affordable make-up brushes for a while now.

Savisto offer a range of modern products from kitchen accessories to healthy and beauty products. The product that caught my eye was the Savisto Premium 10 Piece Kabuki Synthetic Make Up Brush Set in Black as I have seen so many bloggers rave about these.

Yes you guessed it I’m about to join this rave to because honestly I LOVE them! I mean they are sturdy which is of the main things I look for in make-up brushes as well as how soft they are and all these brushes are super soft. I applied my make-up with these for the past couple of days and I just think it blends so well and I prefer using brushes compared to my beauty blender as it is so much easier to get the exact look your looking for and you have the specific brush for what you want to achieve.

I think these will be great when doing dramatic looks just because each brush is so much different to one another and are so easy to use! So I cannot wait to show you a make-up look using these brushes and I would definitely recommend grabbing a set of these brushes as they’re inexpensive and perfect for everyday use!

Do you prefer your beauty blender or brushes? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


One thought on “*10 Piece Kabuki Black Make Up Brush Set | Savisto

  1. These brushes look awesome! I need them! I have so many! I’m a brush hoarder! Lol

    Would love for you to check out my blog 😉

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