Happy 2nd Birthday KiranAlix!

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I’m writing this post in complete wonder to where time has gone…It’s been 2 years since I started one of the things I love.

My blog.

It’s been another eventful year I’ve met so many other bloggers – some who I’ve read there blog and it was like a dream to meet them. I’ve learnt so much as a blogger, from the little things to somethings that I never knew mattered. I got to work with brands who I normally go in to store and see on shelves – its literally been an honour. I never thought it’d be this magical.

Most of all it’s about the people who support me day in day out as well as fellow bloggers who read my content and allow me feedback to better me as a blogger as well as my content. The events I’ve been to this year have been spectacular I’ve met some amazing people and learnt so much about brands that I didn’t know and I mean it’s so crazy to think how much we actually don’t know.

Well I guess it’s been such a overwhelming year, onwards and upwards and let’s keep going with this journey and get onto greater things. Thank you so much to all you who have supported from day one of KiranAlix.

Shoutout to Bakerdays who sent me a lovely Letterbox cake you get one now too, with it either personalised or pick a design from their gallery which has a variety of options. You can get any cake for any occasion there’s something for everyone!

Delivery is always on time and even fits through the letter box – in the cutest tin ever!

Thanks for reading – here’s to many more years!

Stay sassy x


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