Soap & Glory Campus Tour #GlamOnBoard #SoaperSquad

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If you’re a lover of either a lover of pink or pampering yourself stay tuned.

Soap and Glory  have been travelling in this pink double-decker bus around universities near you! The soap and glory girls have been filling the air with their fab fragrances, glitter tattoos & make overs!

I went down to The University of Manchester and outside the student union I spotted the bus I mean how couldn’t you spot it! I was greeted by the lovely girls and given PINK popcorn – was this heaven? My sister also came along as she’s a student at the university and we both got glitter tattoos. I mean it was so hard to decide which one I wanted.

As we headed upstairs the were make overs going on for the lovely students getting their hair braided and a soap and glory cosmetics make-up look. Later on there were competitions going on to win some soaper prizes!! As well as a dance masterclass from the talented Theio Maddix!

The Soap&Glory bus will next be heading to

  • Reading on the 24th October
  • Birmingham 25th October
  • Exeter 26th October
  • UWE 27th October
  • Plymouth 28th October
  • Bournemouth 31st October

Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity! Get yourself down there!

I also have been loving the Soap&Glory Glitzmas Collection get your hands on it now in-store Boots. It’s perfect for gift for your friends as well as family – Christmas couldn’t come quicker!!

#GlamOnBoard #SoaperSquad

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



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