*KIKO Milano Haul!

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During the Manchester Arndale fashion weekender we received a goody bag filled with surprises off KIKO Milano! I had to share what I got with yo guys – because I was SO excited as I haven’t tried KIKO out before.

3D Lifting Fluid Foundation. I recieved this foundation which I have so many other beauty bloggers review so I was so delighted to receive it. I did wear it to college one morning and it isn’t matte which I love it gives my skin such a healthy glow which is always a bonus! I cannot wait to do a full make-up look with it!

City Filter Sunscreen.  I was abit confused to what this was at first but then I realised it was a primer with SPF15 which I mean is brilliant for your skin. I haven’t give this a go yet but I have high hopes.

Daring Look Eye Marker. I love my eyeliner. As I’m so used to doing it with my Maybeline one I cannot wait to see if I get to wing it as perfectly with this one.

Water Eyeshadow.  (shade 224) This has to be one of my favourites of the whole lot. I swatched this and it is such a beautiful shade and I mean I took a look at the other shades and they’d be so good for a highlighter. I’m in need of a trip to purchase a gold shadow ahhhh.

Supergloss  (shade 100) I’m not a fan of glosses if I’m completely honest but this transparent gloss look so good over matte lipsticks of any shades it just gives you a bit more of a brighter look rather than the typical dry lip.

Supergloss  (shade 120) This shade is more out there and again it looks so pretty over a coffee nude lipstick which is perfect for this time of autumn as it keeps your lips looking puckered.

Nail Lacquer  (shade 520) Again another one of my favourites has to be these nail polishes as they’re just so pretty to look at never mind them on my nails. This just has such a nice shimmer in the sea green within the blue it is so beautiful!

Nail Lacquer (shade 216) This pastel pink is another one of my favourite shades in winter as I think sometimes too bright in winter is too loud so I do love myself a pastel pink shade within my collection.

Nail Lacquer (shade 240 ) This has to be my holy grail colour for the whole of autumn I cannot keep away.  I’m a sucker for anything burgundy I love getting into the Christmas spirit early as well as matching the autumnal vibes.

Solar Haircare Serum Frizzy hair has always been an issue for my long hair so I cannot wait to see if this works some magic on my frizz. As this would be so much easier for me to style my hair – will keep you updated with how it goes!

Sunless Tan Cream Finally tan cream another product I haven’t tried yet but I cannot wait to tan because I am very pale and I am missing the sun so it’s a good way to get back into the sunny spirit even though its freezing but one can dream right.

I hope you enjoyed this haul.

Have you tried Kiko before? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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