*Sleek Rockstars Collection!

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I’ve received some amazing parcels this week but my favourite had o be this. The packaging on it’s own got me so excited isn’t it so pretty? Sleek have a new exclusive collection out if you didn’t know already. It’s called the Rockstars collection. You can rock out with these exclusive make-up palettes and lipsticks they even have a highlighter for us sparkle lovers.

Sleek i-lust hidden gems palette – Superdrug.  When I first opened this up I fell in love with all the shades. As on the drug store I personally don’t think bright colours are as pigmented but these are amazing!! I love the brighter colours, but my favourite has to be the gold because especially in A/W it’s perfect to combine with any shade for the perfect sparkle look.

Sleek Lip Buzz – Superdrug.  I cannot stress how much I love a dark lip and especially when it has two tints to it! I love this as it is the most beautiful deep purple with a shimmer of blue within. This is perfect to complement a burgundy outfit this autumn whether that’s casual or even for a night out this would definitely complete the look.

Sleek Strobing Souffle Smoky Quartz – Superdrug.  I love this highlight I haven’t tried a creme highlight and honestly as I swatched this I was so happy i cannot wait to use this! It is such a nice shade and would compliment every skin. It has a lovely shimmer to it, it’s very beautiful.

If you’d like to see a post on a look with these make-up items do let me know below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy  x




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