Quick & Easy Workout Routine ft. Pink Soda Sport



Recently I have been loving getting back into my daily workouts and I couldn’t be anymore motivated especially since receiving the new Pink Soda Sport gym clothing! So I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite workout routines as well as my favourite gym wear to work out in.

I love the Brushed Metallic Panel Leggings as they’re high waisted and look so good on. I love having fitness leggings which aren’t just the typical black and the mesh detailing looks so pretty too! They’re so comfortable which is such a bonus. You look good as well as feel good.

I’ve also been loving the Tape Longline Zip Up Hoodie as its super long which is perfect for when its cold and you need something to throw on and it can mix and match with any of the leggings and sports bras I mean you can’t go wrong with it.

Next, onto the workout routine I’ve been loving! Do see the info-graphic below too!! It’s a easy 4 step workout which can be done in under 30 minutes every day to help with your abdominal area and legs.


Jump rope // Jumping rope is one of the fastest ways to burn calories as well as it being enjoyable. It improves density which is perfect if your wanting to tone as well become more athletic.

Plank // The plank is a popular exercise to build your core as it builds your strength to sculpt and tone your waistline and contribute to your posture.  Depending on your preference you can try and engage as many parts of your body too. Again this also strengthens muscles and bones.

Weight Lunges // Lunges are effective in engaging your glutes and quadriceps. It also strengthens your legs and arm strength with the use of the weights as by doing two things at once your killing two birds with one stone. By also strengthening your upper body and arms.

Jog & Stretch // Finally last but not least jogging is a vital exercise as it improves your body’s performance in delivering oxygen efficiently as well as allowing muscle toning for the legs and arms. Stretching is crucial when it comes to workout soo always stretch before and after as they stay strong and flexible instead of short an tight.

What’s your favourite workout? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x










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