Noir [all black everything]

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I have so many outfits I’ve been loving but it has been way to cold to go out and shoot so I thought I’d have to get a post up under any circumstances so I have and this has to be one of my favourite outfits.

Metallic Longline Eyelet T-Shirt – River Island.  I saw this in-store and I couldn’t not have it. I love how these metallica t-shirts have been on trend so I thought I’d hop on kind of. It’s so simplistic but then quite bold and can be styled so easily.

Black Zip High Rise Leggings – River Island.  Whilst shopping I picked up these as I’ve been looking for jeans quite similar but with zips over the knees(which I’m still on the hunt for) If anyone knows where I’d be able to get some do let me know. However, these are so comfy and honestly you can’t get better leggings than River Island.

Oversized Shearling Biker Jacket – Warehouse.  I love this jacket more than words can explain. You can rock it everyday of the week. It’s so comfy and super stylish and again has been on-trend and honestly if you haven’t got one, please get one they’re perfect.

Nike SB Stefan Janoski – JD Sports. I love skateboard shoes I mean I don’t know if it’s just me. I don’t skateboard but oh I could buy SB shoes forever I love my Vans and I indeed love Nike SB. They’re so simple yet can be added to any outfit just to add that cool vibe and you can never forget how comfy they are.

Silver Glam Watch – Swatch.  Finally, I can’t go without my Swatch it’s just so pretty and ‘glam’ as the name states.

What are you loving wearing this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




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