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After a stressful month of ups and downs of emotions and determination. I’m back, where I’m happiest – writing. So I thought I’d start back with something quite exciting and something a bit different which I don’t usually do. Recently I ordered some books because this summer there’s a large selection of books I intend to read so I thought why not grab some to start my summer with. Hence I thought I’d share what my first couple of picks are.

I ordered the books off Wordery which is an online bookshop providing you with over 10 million books at the lowest prices. But it gets better also with free shipping to over 100 countries.

Milk and Honey | Rupi Kaur // I have wanted this for so long, seeing everyone post their favourite poems from it made me want it. So I finally went for it. Honestly I couldn’t have made a better decision. It covers issues such as pain,heartache,love and femininity. Its broken down into 4 chapters and each chapter has such deep meaning behind it. I’ve loved reading it and can’t wait to read it all over again.

*Rest in the Mourning | r.h.Sin // I’m half way through this and I’m in love. There’s just no other way to explain it. It written by best-selling author of whiskey, words and a shovel which again is another great read. Rest in the mourning is about self-love and self-care and consists of conscious thoughts and emotions. Another book I’d totally recommend.

*The Princess Saves Herself In This One | Amanda Lovelace // Finally, I’ve not got round to diving into The Princess Saves Herself In This One just yet but I cannot wait to do so. As you all know I’m a sucker for a fairy tale as this is why I had to pick this up as it’s about writing your own ending being in control. It explores love and empowerment etc and I cannot wait to get stuck in.

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Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




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