Nudes & Trousers Trend


The post I’ve been most excited for is finally here! An outfit I’ve been loving recently and literally been living in has finally made up onto the blog.

Trousers have been shown a lot of love recently from culottes to cigarette and tapered trousers everyone has a favourite.

Pink floral tapered trousers – Primark. YES! Primark, id been on the hunt for these since June. As soon as I’d given up I walked into the Selfridges Primark stand and they were there and I couldn’t have picked them any faster! I fell in love them once I tried them on and they’re super easy to style! Either a t-shirt for when it’s sunny or even an off the shoulder top too! Then in Autumn I can’t wait to style them with a white cropped jumper.

White basic tshirt – H&M – I love the basics section in H&M. They do the best fabric for basic t-shirt and you just can’t go wrong. I decided to style the trousers with a plain white t-shirt rather than a drilled sleeve top as the trousers are quite loud so it’s better to style them with something quite basic. So then either way you can dress it up or down according to your preference.

Gold and Pink satin Puma Suedes – OFFICE. I LOVE these trainers as soon as I saw them in store I had to pick them up originally I wanted the all black ones. But as soon as saw these I had to have them! They’re so pretty and super easy to style with SO many outfits as they’re quite neutral. I chose these to wear with the trousers as I wanted a casual look and not anything too bold whereas if I did want a bold outfit I’d have gone with a pair of heels.

Black ray ban esque sunglasses – New Look. I chose to wear my black sunglasses to have a block colour rather than a rose gold or gold as this just adds a little edgy vibe to the girly yet casual outfit.

Black Handbag – Dune. I love this black bag I take it everywhere with me its the perfect size for everyday essentials and can be altered to a cross body bag to which is always handy. Also again with the sunglasses I just wanted to add a loud block colour to this neutral outfit.

I love this combination and can’t wait to also switch it up! It’s super comfy and can be changed to suit the weather by adding a suede biker jacket or even a blue wash denim jacket or maybe even a trench coat!

Whats your favourite outfit recently? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x

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