Tips and tricks for an Instagram-able scrapbook!

As you all know one of my favourite things to do is capture memories of all the journeys I go on, things I do and places I visit. I’m that friend that always has their camera on taking pictures of literally everything – papping the food before we tuck in, taking a picture of where we’ve come or a pap of what we’re getting up to.

I thought I’d put together a little blog post of all the little things you can do to collect memories and how to keep them all safe in a scrapbook.

Keep everything – Train tickets, cinema tickets any sort of ticket or wristband is any easy way to remember something you did. With this foundation you’ll be able to add pictures and build up from there.

Polaroids & photobooths – This is one of my favourite ways to capture instant memories. I love my polaroid camera I try and take it everywhere I can. Also photobooths are my favourite as all my friends know! Another alternative is apps that let you print out photos in a polaroid style just like Cheerz who I’ve mentioned previously.

Get a cute scrapbook – There is such a large variety of what you can pick from. Whether you want a large one or just a small one it’s entirely your choice. It can have a print or you can get a plain one and either draw on the cover if your feeling arty or use wrapping paper of your choice with a cool print to add to the cover.

Be arty – Doodle on your scrapbook, write dates add quotes or sayings/inner jokes which are special to you to personalise your scrapbook to you and the people who are important to you. Add stickers which is an easy way to spice up the book also.

Ribbon & washy tape – Add ribbon to the borders of images it makes them look even cooler and even washy tape which is one of my favourites to outline images and tickets and even the spine of my scrapbook.

Do you have a scrapbook or have you ever wanted to start one? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




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