My most worn trainers..


As you may or may not know I love shoes and have quite a large trainer collection. Like they’ve always been my thing since I was a tot. I can remember having Reebock Classics in pink and blue and never wanting to take them off. I don’t think my love for trainers will ever leave me. I’m totally obsessed from new releases to keeping my shoes super clean. I thought I’d do a post on my most worn trainers and give you an insider on probably not even half of my collection.

Gold and Pink satin Puma Suedes – OFFICE I bought these quite a while ago but I’m still so in love with them. They are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own, if even my favourite they’re so pretty. I love that they’re gold but beige it gives them such a subtle look and makes it so easy to style them with outfits. They’re more of a spring summer shoe I’d say but no stopping me wearing them.

Nike Air Max Ultra Women’s – Nike. Nike 97s are the ultimate Nike shoe everyone needs. They’ve released so many colours and styles from the camo to the silver bullet. They’re such an original shoe and you cannot go wrong. I love black/white combo as they go with every outfit and can be styled so easily. I’m obsessed that they’re reflective too and definitely thinking about getting another pair.

Nike Air Force 1 Women’s – JD Sports. Air Force 1 are as original as it gets. I love the all white ones and these pink suede gum bottom ones I had to have, I mean a gum bottom is so authentic and so easy to rock. I love the shade of pink and they’re perfect for winter as well as summer which makes them super versatile as you can wear them whenever and not be restricted to choice. JD also have released red and yellow which also look super trendy.

PUMA Fenty Cleated Creepers Womens – JD Sports.The Fenty x Puma collection is such a unique collection. I love creepers and these are perfect for someone who’s 5’4 and needs that added height at first I was abit sceptical about the added platform at the bottom but I can tell you it’s so worth it. I love that they’re velvet and all black because I think it’s quite hard to an all black trainer correctly and these are just flawless.

New Balance 247 Womens – JD Sports New Balance are that different shoe that you think can I pull it off or will I just not rock it? But let me tell you one thing one you step into some New Balance it’s one of the comfiest shoes you could ever wear. These Revlite’s have almost a knitted feel to the front of the shoe which makes it super comfortable for your feet. Then the shape of the shoe is so easy to compliment your feet which is always a winner.

What are your go to trainers? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo




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