Top tips for travelling abroad..

It’s been a long time, a really long time since I last sat down and did a blog post. I’ve been away for some time and had quite a busy schedule but i’m back.

As I went away I thought I’d share a couple of travelling tips with you that I noticed and a couple of hacks I noted as well.

Always read up on the important information – Most of the time we think we know when our flights due, what amount of luggage is allowed and what time we’re going to arrive but in reality you can never be too sure. Make sure you have read up precisely on all the crucial information and got all your documents and tickets at the get go.

Eat up before boarding – If your anything like me and are picky with your food grab something to eat from McDonalds or even a meal deal from Boots because for me airplane food is a no go and i can’t think of anything worse than being hungry whilst on the plane.

Have a camera/phone handy – Every moment is one to capture as cliché as it sounds but there’s nothing I love more than looking back at how much fun i’ve had and reminiscing on what we did.

Don’t be fussed about WiFi – Embrace where you are, your surroundings and the fabulous time your having you can update your status on Facebook once your back at the hotel. Explore and appreciate what’s beyond you and around you.

Wear sunscreen & mosquito spray – If your silly like me you’ll think you won’t need but when mosquitos invade the right side of your face you regret it more than ever. Lesson learnt always make sure you have the important protection measures with you at all times.

Make a list – If there’s certain things you want to do make a list in your phone or in a little book that you can carry along with you and tick off as you go. As it can be hard to remember all what you want to do in the heat of the moment and excitement.

These are just a couple of tips I wanted to share, I hope you enjoyed reading them.

What’s your favourite part about going away? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo

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