Outfits I’ve been loving…

I wanted to do a look book style blog post and share what outfits I’ve been wearing throughout the week. As I think this is a great way to show how to style different pieces in various outfits.

Outfit 1 – 

Rue Saint Dominique T-shirt – River Island (sold out) – I love this t-shirt I just thought it looked way more expensive than it was. As well as having that almost designer feel to it you just cannot go wrong. Especially if it’s a dupe for something on the high street. River Island are really good at producing products that look much more expensive than they are.

High waisted Harper Black Jeans – River Island – River Island jeans are a new find for me after being glued to Topshop Jamie jeans I had to try some other jeans and the harper ones are just the same, super comfortable and really high waisted which I love.

Black Circle Buckle Belt – Primark – As a dupe for the Gucci gold belt this is so stylish I love it, so many stores have released them but if I’m honest the Primark one has to be the one that caught my eye the most. It can go with anything from jeans to trousers to even dresses.

Black Old Skool Vans – Office – The basic Old Skool Vans never fail to disappoint they can literally go with any outfit and look so stylish if you want that casual look but obviously if you wanted to dress this outfit up you could add a pair of heels/boots and you’d be good to go.

Outfit 2 – 

Basic jogging trousers – Pull and bear – There’s no trousers I love more than these. They’re so comfortable and I prefer wearing trousers so much more than jeans. Pull and bear is my favourite place to shop for trousers, as they’re just such a good fit and wash super nicely. The rolled up bit at the bottom and the jogger look is so cool I love styling these with all items.

Adidas Adibreaker Tshirt – Urban Outfitters – This T-Shirt was out of stock for so long BUT I finally got my hands on it and I LOVE IT. It goes with so many things but this has to be my favourite way to wear it. I love the old and retro look as well as the colour.

Checkerboard Slip-On Vans – VANS – I love my slip-ons so much they’re so comfy and just go with everything and can I say they’re going be such a winner in summer! I really want the Old Skool Checkerboard vans too they really need to hurry and put them back in stock.

Outfit 3 – 

EA7 Core Logo T-Shirt – Footasylum – As some of you may or may not know I’m obsessed with shopping in the mens section. I mean mens t-shirt’s are always so much cooler. So I grabbed this and I love it it’s super simplistic but I do love that almost minimal look.

UO Grey Tailored Drawstring Trousers – Urban Outfitters – I got these a while ago and they’re now sold out but the link is the closest I could find. But I love grey so much it’s such a subtle colour and so easy to work and style with. Again, I’m loving the jogger style with the drawstring.

Checkerboard Slip-On Vans – VANS – Again my checkerboard Vans went so nicely with this outfit and personally I think slip-ons look so cool with trousers.

Outfit 4 – 

Barbie x Missguided White Spliced T-shirt – Missguided – I’m obsessed with the Barbie x Missguided range as I’ve mentioned previously this is one my favourite releases. It’s the monochrome shades which are super easy to style as well as fun.

High waisted Harper Black Jeans – River Island – River Island jeans are my new favourite as I’ve said you just can’t go wrong, I’m going have to get some more colours and styles.

MA1 Bomber Jacket – Topshop (sold out) – This jacket I’ve had a while now but it’s still one of my favourites as it can go with pretty much any outfit and instantly bring it together. It’s light and stylish perfect for them slightly warmer days too.

Black Circle Buckle Belt – Primark – Again this belt goes perfect with this outfit to break the top half from the bottom I think it just adds a little bit more to a simple outfit.

Glasses – H&M – I’m obsessed with round glasses as well as sunglasses I think they’re the only frame that suites my face and now I’m just obsessed with every shade and colour way.

Nike Air Max 97 OG – JD Sports – My 97s are one my favourite shoes they’re just SO comfy and I love how they look with certain outfits I’m definitely going to need the all white colour way for summer because summer trainers are my absolute favourite.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and I’ll be sure to do more.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo

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