A pink Summer…

After a hectic week of finally relaxing, seeing my friends and just having fun I’m glad it’s the weekend. This week my outfits have seemed to have taken many different turns from trousers to culottes to then items i’ve rediscovered. The outfit I want to share with you today is one i’ve revamped almost.

Girlhood T-shirt – River Island (similar). I’ve loved this style of tshirt for quite a while. The one word statement with the definition but I never knew which one would suite me. When I saw this in store I just had to have. I love the style of it and how the text had been placed. It’s such an easy t-shirt to wear. The embroidery is also so pretty which made it really stand out for me too.

Pink Floral Trousers – Primark. If you saw my post last year, you’ll know i’ve had these since then but never get to wear them because they’re of such a thin material and it’s always too cold to wear them. However it’s been super warm in Manchester recently so these are perfect. I love how they look on they’re super light and also really comfy as to why I now prefer trousers to jeans.

Gold Satin Basket Pumas – Office. I love my Puma’s they’re one of my favourite pairs of trainers I own. They’re just a subtle and staple shoe that you can wear with almost anything as they are a nude shade. I think everyone should own almost a neutral/nude pair of trainers honestly it’s a game changer. For both your wardrobe and your outfits.

Pink round sunglasses – Primark. As you all know (I don’t need to mention my obsession with round sunglasses) I love Primarks range of sunglasses. These pink round sunglasses are so fun. I saw Zoella wearing the pink Raybans with the reflective lens and I just had to have them I found the perfect dupe and it’s this pair, I mean for £3 I am not complaining at all. Get the look for less!

What sunglasses shape is your favourite? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo

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