Checkerboard Skate Culture

Checkerboard has been a top trend and the grid pattern has blown us away. Before this even became a trend it was signature to Vans and their products from shoes to their sweatshirts. Skate culture saw it first.

Vans T-shirt – Vans. – The exact one isn’t available, but I’ve linked something similar. Vans clothing items are just as good as the shoes. Many people don’t think about clothing items when it comes to Vans but I should let you know that you won’t be disappointed. They are so classic and the designs and collabs are always out of this world(the recent one with Lazy Oaf is everything).

Black Jogging Trousers – Pull and Bear. – As you all know I love wearing trousers with streetwear. I think it is so much easier to style and add a different vibe to the outfit. I love how the trousers and the t-shirt were the same shade of black(this doesn’t happen often). These trousers have a jogger feel to them but look like trousers, you are winning both ways. This is why Im obsessed with styling trousers.

Checkboard slip-on vans – Vans. Finally, to the star of the show it’s the checkerboard Vans. I love the slip-on edition they’re so easy to wear. I really want to wear them with some high socks, I think that would look really cool(next outfit maybe?). They’re comfortable and the checkerboard is just such a vibe. I’m living for this trend, please don’t ever leave. I really want a checkerboard t-shirt, I just want to be a walking black and white chess board to be honest.

What are your favourite pair of Vans? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo

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