4 years of Blogging…

Today’s post is a special one, as you have probably guessed. Today is my blog birthday (you all know I love a good celebration). I cannot believe I’ve had this small space on the internet for a whole 4 years, sharing all my favourite things. It has flown by and I’ve loved every single minute (even the times where I’ve had writers block believe it or not).

When I started blogging I didn’t think I’d come this far if I’m honest. But I’m so glad I stuck at it, my writing has improved as well my photography. I now love using cameras learning all about shooting and the finer details. I’ve collaborated with brands I’d only dream about working with. I’ve made my platform heavily fashion based, as fashion and streetwear is what I’m all about and I cannot wait to keep creating fresh content for Instagram as well as my blog.

I learn something new everyday, how to improve with tips and tricks from other bloggers as well as influencers. I’ve met some amazing people this year who I cannot wait to learn more from and take on this journey with me to become better and improve what I’m doing every step of the way.

A big thank you to everyone at bakerdays for sorting me out with once again a fabulous cake to celebrate! They have recently had a revamp and if you need a cake for any occasion they’ve got your back. From letterbox cakes you can get posted to your loved ones or friends as well as cupcakes and balloons. Anything you need to celebrate they have it for you. I opted for the traditional sponge and I can tell you I never loved cake more than I do right now.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and for the continued support.




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