Layering season…

It’s officially layering season and if I’m honest I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I am that person who loves autumn/winter because I can get out all my sweatshirts and hoodies. I love the colder months as fashion becomes effortless and allows you to experiment with your style in so many ways.

Tommy Hilfiger Suede Logo Sweatshirt – Tommy Hilfiger. I’ve wanted a signature Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt for the longest time. I was super excited when my dad got back from America with this sweatshirt. I mean I’ve seen nothing like it in the UK, so I’m pleased that it’s one of a kind. I love that it has the signature Tommy colours red, blue and white which are super in trend right now. You can style it with jeans or trousers another look I’m excited to try is a shirt under this sweatshirt, which I think would also look fresh.

Basic white t-shirt – H&M. Under sweatshirts and hoodies you can’t go wrong wearing a basic t-shirt because one if you are too warm you can take off your sweatshirt and two the layers of the outfit will speak volumes. I mean with the white air max 97s I think the white t-shirt makes the outfit. It also works well with the white text within the sweatshirt, it brings the whole outfit together nicely.

Black Harper High Waisted Jeans – River Island.I wasn’t quite sure what bottoms I wanted to pair with this outfit because the sweatshirt was navy blue but I think the black jeans balanced out the colouring of the outfit really well. As I’ve mentioned previously I love my River Island jeans they’re the perfect length, don’t fade and are super comfy so if you’re looking for a staple black jean I would highly recommend these.

Triple White Air Max 97 – Foot Locker. As it’s now A/W I didn’t think I’d be able to wear white trainers as frequently but I was wrong. I love wearing white trainers they can just pull any outfit together so easily and I will continue to try and wear most of my white trainers throughout A/W. If anything take the risk, if the risk means your outfit looks a whole lot better just go for it. I’m always worried about my white trainers not looking as fresh but Crep protect works wonders for you – so do cop if you love your trainers looking sleek and fresh all the time.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo


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