A pink Summer…

After a hectic week of finally relaxing, seeing my friends and just having fun I’m glad it’s the weekend. This week my outfits have seemed to have taken many different turns from trousers to culottes to then items i’ve rediscovered. The outfit I want to share with you today is one i’ve revamped almost.

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Bringing back Fila…

This heat has got me wearing primary colours I wouldn’t ever think to wear. I love bright colours in this heat, I’ve been loving red and electric blue. We are also bringing back a trend that died yep you guessed it – Fila.

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Pure white: the iconic summer colour…

The sun has been out for the longest time and it is fair to say that I am one happy girl. It’s practically the best summer the UK has had (well with what I’ve experienced). There is nothing better than being able to wear all the light colours in your wardrobe, as well as not having to layer your clothing (as much as I love layering). I thought I’d share with you one of my staple summer outfits, which I’m obsessed with.

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