*Sleek Rockstars Collection!

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I’ve received some amazing parcels this week but my favourite had o be this. The packaging on it’s own got me so excited isn’t it so pretty? Sleek have a new exclusive collection out if you didn’t know already. It’s called the Rockstars collection. You can rock out with these exclusive make-up palettes and lipsticks they even have a highlighter for us sparkle lovers.

Sleek i-lust hidden gems palette – Superdrug.  When I first opened this up I fell in love with all the shades. As on the drug store I personally don’t think bright colours are as pigmented but these are amazing!! I love the brighter colours, but my favourite has to be the gold because especially in A/W it’s perfect to combine with any shade for the perfect sparkle look.

Sleek Lip Buzz – Superdrug.  I cannot stress how much I love a dark lip and especially when it has two tints to it! I love this as it is the most beautiful deep purple with a shimmer of blue within. This is perfect to complement a burgundy outfit this autumn whether that’s casual or even for a night out this would definitely complete the look.

Sleek Strobing Souffle Smoky Quartz – Superdrug.  I love this highlight I haven’t tried a creme highlight and honestly as I swatched this I was so happy i cannot wait to use this! It is such a nice shade and would compliment every skin. It has a lovely shimmer to it, it’s very beautiful.

If you’d like to see a post on a look with these make-up items do let me know below.

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Autumn Everyday Make-Up Look!

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As the snow falls and we get out our chunky scarves out the season for bright lips is now over. I’ve changed up my make-up look recently so I thought I’d share with you what I’m using throughout autumn!

3D Lifting Fluid Foundation. Since I’ve got this I love the finish it gives as it is not to too matte on the skin which gives your skin the perfect feel for autumn winter – as it doesn’t feel dry at all.

Daring Look Eye Marker. I have been loving the way this allows me to apply my eyeliner as its much thicker but much easier which was quite surprising but I do love it!

Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour – Superdrug. I love this to contour as it’s never too dark and is easy to apply the perfect amount. It adds a lovely glow and structure to your face.

Soap and Glory Khol – Boots. This has to be one of my new favourites I absolutely love this khol on my waterline its perfect to apply and super dark which I love!!

MUA highlighter – Superdrug.  Another one of my favourites as to why I use it everyday is this highlight. For me I have to say it’s the best one on the market it applies perfectly and the pigment is out of this world!

Soap and Glory gloss stick- Boots.  Finally this gloss stick in the nude shade is super hydrating for my lips as well as it looking super soft and subtle.

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*KIKO Milano Haul!

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During the Manchester Arndale fashion weekender we received a goody bag filled with surprises off KIKO Milano! I had to share what I got with yo guys – because I was SO excited as I haven’t tried KIKO out before.

3D Lifting Fluid Foundation. I recieved this foundation which I have so many other beauty bloggers review so I was so delighted to receive it. I did wear it to college one morning and it isn’t matte which I love it gives my skin such a healthy glow which is always a bonus! I cannot wait to do a full make-up look with it!

City Filter Sunscreen.  I was abit confused to what this was at first but then I realised it was a primer with SPF15 which I mean is brilliant for your skin. I haven’t give this a go yet but I have high hopes.

Daring Look Eye Marker. I love my eyeliner. As I’m so used to doing it with my Maybeline one I cannot wait to see if I get to wing it as perfectly with this one.

Water Eyeshadow.  (shade 224) This has to be one of my favourites of the whole lot. I swatched this and it is such a beautiful shade and I mean I took a look at the other shades and they’d be so good for a highlighter. I’m in need of a trip to purchase a gold shadow ahhhh.

Supergloss  (shade 100) I’m not a fan of glosses if I’m completely honest but this transparent gloss look so good over matte lipsticks of any shades it just gives you a bit more of a brighter look rather than the typical dry lip.

Supergloss  (shade 120) This shade is more out there and again it looks so pretty over a coffee nude lipstick which is perfect for this time of autumn as it keeps your lips looking puckered.

Nail Lacquer  (shade 520) Again another one of my favourites has to be these nail polishes as they’re just so pretty to look at never mind them on my nails. This just has such a nice shimmer in the sea green within the blue it is so beautiful!

Nail Lacquer (shade 216) This pastel pink is another one of my favourite shades in winter as I think sometimes too bright in winter is too loud so I do love myself a pastel pink shade within my collection.

Nail Lacquer (shade 240 ) This has to be my holy grail colour for the whole of autumn I cannot keep away.  I’m a sucker for anything burgundy I love getting into the Christmas spirit early as well as matching the autumnal vibes.

Solar Haircare Serum Frizzy hair has always been an issue for my long hair so I cannot wait to see if this works some magic on my frizz. As this would be so much easier for me to style my hair – will keep you updated with how it goes!

Sunless Tan Cream Finally tan cream another product I haven’t tried yet but I cannot wait to tan because I am very pale and I am missing the sun so it’s a good way to get back into the sunny spirit even though its freezing but one can dream right.

I hope you enjoyed this haul.

Have you tried Kiko before? Comment below.

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*10 Piece Kabuki Black Make Up Brush Set | Savisto

imag4326  imag4328

Sometimes a beauty blender might do an uneven job, but where do we go from there? I mean since the beauty blender hype I’ve hardly used any make-up brushes only sometimes to conceal them eye bags (wait maybe that’s quite often whoops)! However, I have been on the hunt for affordable make-up brushes for a while now.

Savisto offer a range of modern products from kitchen accessories to healthy and beauty products. The product that caught my eye was the Savisto Premium 10 Piece Kabuki Synthetic Make Up Brush Set in Black as I have seen so many bloggers rave about these.

Yes you guessed it I’m about to join this rave to because honestly I LOVE them! I mean they are sturdy which is of the main things I look for in make-up brushes as well as how soft they are and all these brushes are super soft. I applied my make-up with these for the past couple of days and I just think it blends so well and I prefer using brushes compared to my beauty blender as it is so much easier to get the exact look your looking for and you have the specific brush for what you want to achieve.

I think these will be great when doing dramatic looks just because each brush is so much different to one another and are so easy to use! So I cannot wait to show you a make-up look using these brushes and I would definitely recommend grabbing a set of these brushes as they’re inexpensive and perfect for everyday use!

Do you prefer your beauty blender or brushes? Comment below.

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*Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip | myMallBox

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The struggle to get your hands on the US cosmetics/make-up without hassle and customs is real. The shipping and customs is sometimes more than the actual items which stresses me out so much. If you are facing the same crisis as me, then I’ve got something that may be a helping hand.

myMallBox  allows you to sign up and you are a given an individual US address. This allows you to place orders from whichever store in the US. You can use the service in various ways; Order from sites directly or you can get the myMallBox team to order it for you. Then they ship it to your address into the UK. It’s that easy! You can sign up now to myMallBox  and get your orders in asap!

myMallBox  was quite resourceful I was quite happy with the process and I didn’t get charged customs(yay – it’s my worst nightmare)! However, I did find that it was quite time consuming to try and delete a order you made a mistake and just start a fresh!

The products I decided to purchase were the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in the shades Tulle, Beeper.  I literally am in love with both the shades and cannot wait to show you the make-up looks I wear with them.

What US brands are your favourite? Comment below.

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Eid | Nude Make Up+Outfit♥

img_20160912_210530imag4315 imag4319 snapchat-2227202557025883726 snapchat-8230401057983739020

I’ve been mounted with college work and a never ending list of things needing to be done ugh. But I’m back and I’m better. Starting back at college is always so time consuming so bear with whilst I get back into routine! After a lovely Eid spent with my family I thought I’d share with you my outfit and the make-up look I decided to go for.

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation – Superdrug. I think it’s pointless putting what foundation I use because you guys already know. I just apply this with a damp beauty blender as I think it applies better rather than using a brush.

Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit – Superdrug. To contour I used the bronzer and applied it lightly as I didn’t want a dark bronzy look just a subtle one. This added definition to my face as well as structure. Then I used the highlighter to highlight the high points on my face.

BarryM Lip Paint – Superdrug. For my lips I then used this lip paint in the shade ‘Everythings Rosie 164’ which I haven’t used in a while which has a matte finished and complimented my outfit perfectly.

Smoky Grey Down To Earth Eyeshadow Palette – The Body Shop. I used the charcoal grey shade in my lower lash line to add a subtle effect as well as the pink shade in my crease just to get it one balanced colour.

Archery Brow Putty Dip And Brush – Soap&Glory. For my brows I kept them looking natural by using this dip brow just to add a little definition and dimension to the shape.

L’Oreal Paris Superliner Superstar Eyeliner – Boots. For my winged eyeliner I used pen with I do recommend as it is super thin and easy to get the precision of the wing exactly how you want it.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Couture – Superdrug. To line my lips this complimented the lip paint as well as my outfit and lasted all day! Plus this as to be one of my all time favourite shades.

Nearly Nude Pointed Nails – Primark. To finish up my whole look I bought these nails from Primark which are so inexpensive and were a perfect match to my outfit and lasted without chipping!

Dramatic False Lashes – Primark. Normally, I’m not a fan of false lashes but these looked so pretty I had to pick them up. Once I had put them on they lasted all day and didn’t even irritate my eyes, I was super impressed!

Lastly, my outfit was a nude pink which I loved, it was a mesh lace material and I cannot wait to wear it again!

What is your favourite make-up look to wear recently? Comment below.

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*Natural Make-Up Look // The Body Shop.





After a long day, I’m literally drained I need a week just to sleep like seriously. I’ve got a natural make-up look to share with you using one of The Body Shops new releases – Smoky Grey Down To Earth Eyeshadow Palette.

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation – Superdrug. I cannot explain anymore how much I love this foundation so literally just going leave this as it is.

Sleek Matte Me Shabby Chic – Superdrug. Since I’ve purchased this matte lip I haven’t worn any other colour. I love how long lasting it is, you can eat and drink and it’ll still look as good as you first wore it.

MUA Highlighting Powder – Superdrug. This is so pigmented as I’m sure I’ve mentioned you literally glow all day! So it’s perfect for a natural look.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeliner – Boots. I cannot go without my eyeliner and I’ve recently repurchased this as it is one of my favourites.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Couture – Superdrug. Again matching the matte lip this is perfect to line your lips you could also wear it on its own and it’d look just as good. It also compliments the blush really well.

Waterproof Mascara – French Connection. Waterproof mascara is the best, long lasting and does not clump which is why I love this mascara.

Maybeline Expert Wear Blusher – Boots. As I said this compliments the lips really well and isn’t as strong as a contour on the cheekbones allowing a much more subtle look.

Smoky Grey Down To Earth Eyeshadow Palette – The Body Shop. This pallete has to be one of my favourite make up products it has 4 beautiful shades 2 which are matte and 2 which aren’t this is exactly what you look for in a eyeshadow pallete – variety. I love the colours grey is one of my favourite to apply to my lid this applies really well and has even coverage which is great as it doesn’t look patchy. It’s suitable for vegans and sensitive eyes which is perfect as my eyes are sensitive.

Snapchat-8805578277250833765 IMAG4058

What eye look do you go for? Comment below.

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The perfect eyebrows | Beauty Tools


It’s finally Friday after a long week. I actually couldn’t be more content to put my feet up and have a brew I’m shattered. I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while.

A post dedicated to our eyebrows and why they’re so important. It takes a long hard struggle to get them how you want them to look whether that’s through getting them waxed threaded or using tweezers.

Above in the infographic I have included are some of the most iconic eyebrows I mean my ultimate favourite has to be Cara Delevingne. Her eyebrows are flawless. I get my eyebrows for those of you curious however they do grow very quickly so if I’m being lazy and can’t be bothered to get them done (which is 80% of the time) I use tweezers to shape them back to how they were when I got them threaded.

Tweezers are actually quite a useful beauty tool and are essential in every girls make up bag I’m 100% sure of that. I mean when applying lashes all my ladies know the struggle right? They are so handy! They’re honestly like my best friend in this situation.

I use the French Connection Tweezers  I’m sure I’ve included these in a post somewhere, however I want to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers. Has anyone used them?  Do let me know in the comments.

I love how my eyebrows are shaped currently.


How important are your eyebrows to you? Comment below.

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L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation♥

IMAG3951 IMAG3955 IMAG3961

The weather is beautiful, I woke up in the best mood today. Life is great. You know when your just having one of them good days which just makes you appreciate everything good around you. I’m having one of them days and you know what it actually is quite good!

For today’s post I thought I’d reflect and just share with you my one love. L’Oreals Infallible Matte Foundation if you read my blog you’ll already know how much I cherish it. I mean every foundation I’ve tried never actually was compatible with my skin as it either made my eyes water or just didn’t stay on all day. However, this foundation is so easy to apply as well as finding your shade I mean there’s not a large range of shades but the shade I use is perfect. To complement this I also purchased the fixing mist which is equally as good – I will include this in a make up look soon.

I apply the foundation with both my beauty blender/foundation brush depending on how I’m feeling but they both work as good. I don’t even have to apply powder as its a matte finish and lasts literally FOREVER, plus you look as good all day as you did when you first applied it. As I’ve always said drugstore make-up is as good as high street and this is a great alternative to MACs studio fix.

You can pick it up at either Superdrug or Boots for just £7.99 and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Whats your holy grail foundation? Comment below.

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Summer haul!♥


Isn’t the weather just lovely..I mean I can’t remember the last time I was in a good mood because of the weather so a whole week of sun has to be special right?

After a couple of trips to town here and there I’ve picked up a couple of bits and bobs, which I thought I’d share with you. I love going shopping, if you want  clothing haul do let me know as I cannot stop buying clothes (someone stop me) .

5 Pack metallic elastic hair bands – Primark. I have seen these everywhere and just never had the chance to grab them, but finally I did and they’re so groovy. I mean they’re metallic what’s not to love! They’re perfect to get summer ready!!!

Black retro sunglasses – Primark. I had to pick up these I mean I just couldn’t leave them they’re super cute and I love the frame! It’s very rear I find sunglasses that suit me, they’re perfect!

Foundation brush – Primark. I bought one of these a couple of months ago and I honestly couldn’t fault it, I saw that they had a slightly different one to the previous ones so I had to grab it!

8 Pack silver earings – Next. As you all know I have various piercings on my ears and I needed some pretty silver earings and these were perfect they’re so girly and can match every look and style!

Black bandana – Claire’s. I’ve been loving my navy blue bandana so I had to purchase a black one so it can compliment the majority of my outfits, it’s a essential in every girls wardrobe!

Sanctuary body lotion – Boots. I love this body lotion as I’ve used it previously it smells and feels unreal on the skin, everyone needs to try it, seriously!

Mango lip butter – The body shop. I love mangoes and now I have this I couldn’t be happier! Its moisturizing and smells so good!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the lovely weather!

What are you loving this summer? Comment below.

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