Blogmas day 20//December – I love it, I want it!


Hey guys!

The countdown now gets exciting because there’s only 5 days until Christmas! 5!!! It’s the time of the month were I showcase to you what I really love and want and unfortunately this is the last one because in January I want to start another series of monthly posts which will be new and innovative –  so look out for that eek.

1.Slim Pocket Coat – Topshop. This coat is slimline which I love. During December I have been loving the simple and layered look and as I think with this coat the look would be complete.

2.LongTee – H&M. Baggy long tees are just the best to lounge around the house in and if your a blogger its perfect for a lazy blogging day so its essential especially for Christmas time to stay snug and warm.

3.Flecked Jacket – Mango. I think this cardigan is so simple but yet would look flattering over a blouse or smart shirt.

4.Grey Simple Dress – Zara. Again, going with the simple theme this would look super cute with a pair of boots and a waist coat or faux fur jacket.

5.Sleeve Shirt – New Look. Sleeve shirts are a item which I love and could but consistently because you can never run out of ways to style them.

6.Jamie Jeans – Topshop. Recently I have been loving blue jeans ans what better jeans are there than topshop jeans none right?

7.Retro Playsuit  – River Island. I fell in love with this. I saw this in store and oh my god this would be perfect for a Christmas/NYE party.

8.Multi Rip Grey Jean – Miss Selfridge. Again, ripped jeans I’ve been loving and this charcoal grey colour is flawless.

9.Classic Slip Ons – Vans. I have worn my check-board slip on vans to death and honestly I’d love a new pair and what better ones than the all black slip ones. I need them ASAP.

10.Metal Trim Clutch – River Island. This would just compliment any party dress or play-suit and is perfect to carry your minimal party items this Christmas/NYE.

11.Studded Heals – New Look. Finally these studded heals will allow you to look taller and honestly its the lacing that I love.

What fashion are you loving this Christmas? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




November – I love it, I want it!


Hey guys!

I hope you all are well. It’s the time of the month again were I share with you what I’m loving so far. All these items are so in trend and can be style with either layering multiple of them together or simply bu just accessorizing.

1.Khaki Turtle Neck Jumper – Topshop. This jumper look so comfy and can easily be styled with either a necklace to style it up or a pair of nigh waisted jeans to dress it down.

2. Burgundy Pinafore Dress – Topshop. I have been seeing these absolutely everywhere and honestly I’d love to wear on so I think I’ll be purchasing one very soon.

3. Black Zip Dress – River Island. This is such a good style and shape for layering you could add a roll neck and it’d look quite cosy as well as classy its just perfect.

4. Chelsea Boots – Brantano I saw a suede pair like this in Primark and I’ve been everywhere looking for them but couldn’t get hold of my size. So I guess as an alternative these would be prefect.

5. Smart Black Trousers – River Island. I have a pair of these from Next but I haven’t still wore them so I thought I’d remind myself how much I love them by featuring them in here.

6. Khaki Boyfriend Coat – New Look. This coat again is a khaki colour and would compliment the trousers really well giving a sophisticated winter look.

7. Leather Jacket – Zara. I have really been getting back into leather lately and this biker style jacket is nice for when its not as a cold and you don’t want to be wearing heavy coats all the time right?

8. Grey High Neck Sweater – Zara. I really love how this looks on the model and I thought it’d be super cute with a pom pom hat.

9. Gabby’s Stationary Set – Primark. Gabby has released a new collection and I really need a trip down to Primark because there’s nothing better than cute stationary.

10. Velvet Shoulder Bag – ASOS. As well as suede I really love velvet not particularly on clothing but this bag is beautiful its perfect for a night out.

11. Knee High Boots – Brantano These would look so nice over high waisted jeans and I’m sure you could pull them off with any winter outfit – they’re perfect.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

What’s your love/need this November? Comment below.

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October – I love it, I want it!



Sadly October is soon ending so I thought I’d do my October – I love it, I want it! I literally have been loving a lot of clothing items so it was quite hard narrowing it down but yeah here go’s.

1.Unicorn Jumper – Rad. I saw this on Rad’s website and I was like its the most subtle blue colour I really need it. It can be so easy to style as well as layer other items with it too.

2.Grey Crop Tee – H&M. I just love these tribal kind of tees they’re perfect for A/W and look super cute with high waisted jeans.

3.Khaki Jeans – H&M. Instead of always wearing the same old black and blue jeans its good to experiment and I think this would look so versatile in A/W especially with complimentary items.

4.Black Nike Thea – Office. I recently purchased some Adidas superstars and I totally forgot my love for trainers and I’d love a pair of these as they’d go with so many outfits and I’m guessing they’re comfy as every other trainers.

5.Faux Fur Jacket – River Island. I have seen these everywhere and I guess I love the trend. This colour however I have seen as much which I think again is the best for A/W. It can be easily styled with any outfit adding that classy vibe too.

6.Boyfriend Jumper – New Look. Warm wooly jumpers are just essential as its getting colder day by day and I love this colour its so autumnal.

7. Orange&Black Trousers – Topshop. I think instead of always of wearing jeans its nice to change it up and recently I love the comfort of trouser and these are so pretty.

8.Roll Neck Jumper – Topshop. I have no words for the beauty of this I really need one as soon as possible it would fit in my wardrobe perfectly.

9.Tassle Pom Pom Bag – Asos.I hate having a big bag at this time of month so I think it’d be perfect to have a small cross body bag just for essentials. This berry colour is just so beautiful.

10.Patchwork Tee – Topshop. This has to be my favourite item of all. Its just so tumblr and pretty I love it and I do really really need it!!!

11.Chelsea Boot – Select. I went into town yesterday and tried these on and honestly they were so comfy and looked so classy so I think I really need to go back and purchase these.

What’s your A/W clothing essential? Comment below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


September – I love it, I want it!



Your probably thinking Kiran you’ve already blogged why again…Just because I really wanted to do this post as September is nearly over so I thought it’d be a perfect read for a Sunday too.

1. Daisy trim tee – Topshop. I’ve seen this in every shop I’ve walked into and honestly haven’t had the chance to grab one. I just think it’d fit perfectly in my wardrobe as I have no stripes I’m not even kidding. Its a must have for me!!

2. High neck top – Topshop. I really liked the print on this, I love printed tops especially as they are so easy to style and look pretty as well as sophisticated.

3. Grey jersey dress – H&M. This is pretty basic I know but I’m loving the layering type of look. I’ve been on Tumblr too much but it just looks so subtle. You could add jewellery as well as a long waistcoat it’d look so classy.

4. Coral lace up shirt – New Look. I’ve seen this in Primark in black but this colour is so beautiful plus I haven’t got anything like this so its a must have.

5. Faux fur jacket – Topshop. I have been seeing many Youtubers with fluffy coats and I honestly really want one because they look adorable on and just look so warm. I need it.

6. Mini dress – Zara. I’m not actually sure why I chose this but again its probably because of the colour and design.

7. Nike joggers – Urban Outfitters. I need a new pair of joggers. Like super comfy ones and these look the part. They’re perfect for lounging around in on Sundays or going to the gym once in a while so they’re definitely worth it!

8. Biker jeans- Zara. I mean these just look so I right? I think they’d suite my figure well but they’re just so stylish like WOW!

9. Black backpack – Urban Outfitters. I have been loving wearing my backpack again and I could sure do with another one and this looks so classy and its the perfect size too.

10. Lace up boots – New Look. I mean as its autumn I could do with a pair of boots or I’m going freeze to be fair these look comfy and are in trend.

11. Chelsea boots – Office. Lastly, I have seen quite a few girls in college pulling these off and seriously they look so nice so I decided to add them to the list!!

What’s your A/W essential? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading guys – stay sassy x


August – I love it, I want it!



Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s the time of the month were I do my monthly I love it, I want it!

Here goes!!!

1.Athletic Tee – PINK. I think this tee is super cute. I mean its just the nicest merlot colour and the quote is relatable. Perfect for just lounging around in or potentially wearing to college too!

2.Brooklyn Jogger – Gap. On my shopping trip to Chester I saw these in store and honestly I just wanted them so bad. They’re the comfiest material ever I mean if you have the chance to go in Gap do go check these out they’re adorable. This type of grey colour I’m loving at the moment too!

3.Maroon Sweatshirt – PINK. Again I’m loving all shades of maroon for A/W. This just looks super stylish and easy to dress up aswell as to lounge in too.

4.Billionaire Girls Club – Selfridges. I’ve seen these for males then I came across this and I was like I so need one. I really do love the bold orange/coral colour it compliments the blue really well. I think sweatshirts are so versatile especially for A/W.

5.Floral Print Shirt – River Island. As you all know I’m a big fan of printed shirts this reminds me of the Ted Baker ones but less bold as I think this one is more subtle which I think you could pull of in weather like this which is rainy but sunny – so its perfect.

6.90’s Style Dungarees – ASOS. I didn’t know whether to include these or not because I’ve never bought any however I am contemplating whether to purchase them or not. I meant they’d be perfect again for A/W but could I pull them off??

7.Ashley Bag Marc B – Topshop. I really liked the shape of this bag as it wasn’t the box kind off style as I’ve been seeing lately which I’m not to keen on, but I do really like this. It’s just the perfect size and shape for a handbag.

8.Lace Skater Dress – Missguided. I have been obsessed with skater dresses lately. I mean they’re not your typical clothing for A/W but it’d be perfect for a meal and easy to dress up or down which I love. I need this like ASAP!

9.RI Pompom Purse – ASOS. This was just a burst of colour for me. I mean you always have a dark handbag (or not) but I thought it’d be good to have a bright and bold purse. I really like the colour scheme for this and oh I adore the pom pom it reminds me of unicorns seriously..

10.Daisy Print Timberlands – Office. I think this is my favourite item this month. I saw these and instantly fell in love I mean who doesn’t love the cutest things I’m sucker for cute and adorable clothing/shoes. They’re in the perfect blue shade with daisies who can’t love these??

11.Black Mono Converse – Office. I think these are a wardrobe staple like honestly you could wear them with anything and everything. They’re just so versatile for every outfit and are soo comfy.

What are your I love it, I want it’s this month? Comment Below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


July – I love it, I want it!


Hello everybody!

I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays. I have to be honest now that I’ve been off for a month already I have nothing to do..Hopefully I’ll have some exciting things coming soon for you guys so keep an eye out!

So its that time of the month were I post my monthly I love it, I want it!! So here goes:

1. Checked Shirt – Topshop. I have been seeing many people pulling these shirts off real nicely, I think it’d be so versatile and easy to wear as if it was warm but breezy you could wear it over a crop top and undo the buttons instead of wearing a jacket – it’d look super cute.

2. Woodland Dungarees – Topshop. I saw these in Zoella’s haul and I thought they’d look cute with a white tee and I just think they’re perfect for summer here in the UK.

3. Daisy Print Dress – New Look. As you all know that I’m not a big fan of dresses but I saw this one and I honestly thought its so adorable and would be easy to style.

4. Foxes Sweatshirt – H&M. This has to be my favourite item of all, I love the colour and I recently purchased the wash jeans so I think it compliments the blue really well. I’m going shopping on Monday and I’m going to definitely purchase this.

5. Foxes Cropped Top – H&M. Also, I thought this was super chic as I love foxes and her collection with H&M honestly is the best so go check it out!!

6. Navy Striped Shirt – River Island. Again, recently I have been loving shirts which are quite light and flowy and I have purchased a few I cam across this one and I need to have this in my wardrobe the colour is bold but the subtle white is perfect for summer.

7. Rose Gold Sandal – Missguided. I just think these sandals can style up an outfit up so easily with very little effort they’re perfect.

8. Dark Wash Leggings – River Island. I just love jeggings! I have way too many pairs but I have this pair I just wanted to show you how much I love them!!!

9. Pointed Shoes – Topshop. I think a pair of black pointy shoes are a staple for every girls shoedrobe as they can come in handy anytime and add sophistication to any outfit.

10. Nude Loafers – Office. I have a pair of loafers in black and I wear them everywhere and I could seriously do with another pair and I think these are flawless and I love the colour and design.

11. Tan Shopper Bag – New Look. I’m not a big fan of handbags but I quite liked this one as its two toned which is quite fashionable and got lots of room so its quite versatile.

What clothing items are you loving? Comment Below.

I’ll see you all very soon, thanks for reading – stay sassy x



June – I love it, I want it!


Guess who’s back…Kiran..yes ME!

Ahhh it feels so good to be able to blog without any worries. I officially finished school on Tuesday I had 2 days to rest and now I am ready to face summer. I now have a lot of spare time which means exciting blog posts coming soon! I just want to thank everyone who wished me good luck for my exams, who supported me even whilst I hadn’t been blogging your patience was amazing. I love all my readers so much and these next few months are going to be filled with surprises and awesome content.

Today I’ve got for you my June – I love it, I want it!

1. Paisley print top – Topshop. I love paisley print especially in summer because it looks boho and super cute and its so easy to dress up or down.

2. Red floral print joggers – River Island. Joggers are what I live in. They are so comfy, also you don’t get too warm in them. I saw these and fell in love instantly. The colour is beautifully bold and would look so nice with a white crop top.

3. Green abstract skater dress – River Island. As its nearly summer I’m moving away from buying anything black and adding some brighter colours and I think this would be perfect because its the most perfect green colour. I really do need this dress.

4. Bandana print harem trousers – ASOS. Again like the paisley top I fell in love with this bandana pattern. Its just so adorable. I love them!!!

5. Low cut striped dress – Zara. I think stripes are one of them things that are just so easy to pull off in summer. It’s a wardrobe staple. I just think adding a pair of converse with you hair down this outfit would be comfortable and super chic too.

6. Cosmo cami – Coast. Its pink. I cannot explain how much I love this. Bright and bold and that’s what summer is about so I really need to purchase this.

7. White backpack – New Look. During summer you don’t want to be carrying massive amounts in your bag so I think its best to just have a cute backpack like this personally I love backpacks more than handbags so I think it’d be perfect for summer.

8. Hawaiian print cap – Vans. Personally I don’t like the straw type of hats as I don’t think they suit me. I think I suit snapbacks more to be quite honest. I really do love the print its tropical and just would look pretty during summer.

9. White skater skirt – ASOS. Again with the pink cami top I think this skater skirt would look really nice especially if your on holiday it’d be the perfect outfit.

10. White all star converse – JD. Converse are much easier to wear under a dress during summer as it just dresses it a little down rather than being more sophisticated. So I need these surely.

11. Gold strap sandals – New Look. These sandals could pretty much work with any outfit keeping it looking stylish and classy.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing for summer? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading dolls.

I’ll see you very soon – stay sassy x


May – I love it, I want it!


Hey chics!

I hope your all well and enjoying your holidays(if you have them).

As I had a little to spare after revision I decided to do my May – I love it, I want it!

So here it is guys:

1. MA1 Bomber Jacket – Topshop. – I have seen these jackets everywhere however I’ve been debating to either get one or not as summer is round the corner so I don’t think I’d wear it as much. As now I’m thinking I really need it as they just look so stylish and you can pull it off with any outfit.

2. Patterned Jersey Trousers – H&M. Right now I am loving patterned trousers as they’re just so much more comfier to wear when its warmer rather than jeans.

3. Cooperative Turtleneck Tee in Multi Colour – Urban Outfitters. This is something that I didn’t know how it’d look on me when I tried one on just to see how it looked, it looked totally adorable as it just adds that sophistication to whichever outfit your wearing.

4. Crotchet Floral Crop Top White – MissGuided. Crotchet is so in this summer. Its in every high street stores and is just selling super quick. This top I thought was unique as it had long sleeves which I prefer over the sleeveless crotchet tops as you can see the crotchet more clearly and it looks so elegant.

5. Mesh Insert Skater Dress – Topshop. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I saw this on the weekend in store and it looked flawless. This is something I need in my life as it’s one of them things you can style so easily.

6. Slinky Floral Print Joggers – MissGuided. Again I’m loving printed trousers as these make you legs look longer if your short like me and so easy to style, these would look super cute with the crotchet top and some flat sandals.

7. Adidas Clash Tee in Red – Urban Outfitters. This just caught my eye. Like its so vibrant and the print is snake I think (not so sure). I think animal print looks great in summer you could style this with a pair of white jeans and look so sassy immediately.

8. TAMIR Tropical Toucan Shirt – Ted Baker. I have no words to describe my love for Ted Baker’s summer collection like seriously Ted Baker are slaying with their collection. I picked this out as the colours just speak summer and again toy could tuck this into a pair of white jeans looking classy and sophisticated.

9.  Lilac Colour Block Purse – New Look. I need a new purse and as New Look do the best purses this just looked so chic. I’m not into my pastel colours but this just look totally adorable and needed to be included.

10. Black Chunky Flatform Sandals – River Island. As you know I don’t like wearing anything other than sports shoes. However, I do like platform shoes and these platform sandals looked pretty. As you can’t wear sports shoes in summer I think I need to invest in a pair of these.

11. LANA Lace Up Ballet Flats – ASOS. Again same with the Adidas t-shirt this snake print looks super awesome and I think you could wear these with pretty much every outfit in summer they’re perfect.

What’s your favourite piece of summer clothing? Comment below.

Thanks for reading, see you soon – stay sassy x


April – I love it, I want it!


Hello people of the world.

I’m back AGAIN!

This is getting good right so many blog post’s from Kiran. This can only mean one thing…my GCSE’s are getting closer *cries*. I decided to post a few posts together as you have something to read. As my GSCE’s are round the corner I need to revise most of the time..meaning I won’t be able to blog.

However, this will only be for around 5-6 weeks then I’ll be back with lots of exciting post for you guys – trust me when I say exciting I mean real exciting!! This is not my last post I’ve got 2 more I think then I’m going to have a break – but as always thanks for the support and I love all you guys.

So today, I’ve got my April – I love it, I want it!

1. Floral print shell top – Missguided. – This top is one of them items that some people love and someone people hate and for me it was love love love! I just think the floral print is perfect for spring/summer!!

2. Daisy cropped tee -Topshop. – I have seen so many people wearing crop tops like these..which makes me really want to have one in my wardrobe it would just look super cute in summer with some printed leggings.

3. White stripe khaki jogger – Missguided. – I fell in love with these instantly. Missguided have got to have some of the best spring/summer clothing the whole collection is just so beautiful. So definitely check their spring/summer collection out guys.

4. Daisy print trousers – Topshop. – I saw Zoella trying these on in one of her vlogs and they just looked so pretty. I really want them – even though they’re probably sold out because they were so popular.

5. Silver rings – Pandora. – Lately I have had an obsession for rings and these I just think would look good with anything and everything!!

6. Quay cat eye sunglasses – ASOS. – I saw velvetgh0st wearing a similar pair of sunglasses in one of her videos and I just wanted them from that moment on. Guys I really need them.

7. Denim jacket with print – H&M. – I think a denim jacket is a need when it comes to spring/summer. As if its a bit breezy and your wearing a sleeveless top you need a little jacket – this is the one. As you still look sassy even with a little denim.

8. Ted Baker tropical body bag – ASOS. – This little body bag just ticked all the boxes for me. The colours, the shape and the size. All just so perfect for summer as you don’t want to be carrying a massive bag. It’s just all round perfect.

9. White floral old skool Vans – ASOS. – As you all know I have an obsession for Vans. These Vans were just so tropical and summery that I want them more than anything right now. They’d look super cute with anything bright.

10. Orange cut out net shift dress -River Island. – Again the bright orange just does it for me. The classy white and orange just compliment each other so well that you can’t go wrong at all wearing this.

11. Valentia flat sandals – Brantano. – These sandals would look super chic with the white dress above as the colours go well with each other and make a perfect outfit – a bit of sparkle and vibrant colours.

What’s your favourite piece of summer clothing? Comment below.

Thanks for all the continuous support – stay sassy x



March – I love it, I want it!


Hey, my beautiful readers.

I hope you are all well.

I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday I hadn’t finished editing but its all complete now – so here it is!

1. Blue blur print t-shirt – River Island. The bright colours on this are so capturing – I love them. This is perfect for spring!!!

2. Lucy Lou jumpsuit – Topshop. If your not quite tall like me jumpsuits are the key. As they add length to your legs keeping you looking taller than you are. Also, you can just add a necklace and a cute clutch and your sorted for a night out!

3. Monochrome striped floral shirt – Missguided. Recently I have been loving shirts that just flow on your body as a pair of jeans looks beautiful with them and they’re just so comfy. I adore the pattern on this.

4. Flippy scuba skirt – Topshop. I’m not quite the kind of person to wear dresses – as you may or may not know. However, I love skater skirts as they look super cute with crop tops or a shirt which I think is perfect for spring I really want one!!

5. Yellow floral print bag – River Island. Many people are fans of river Island bags but till now I haven’t ever wanted one. I just think they are all the same but then I came across this one and I fell in love with everything about it the colours, the pattern and the design. Its literally perfect so bright and attracting I really want this.

6. Hologram flats – Miss Selfridge. I love the holographic touch to these flats. You could wear them with anything really and I could really do with a pair of shoes I could wear with anything and everything.

7. Nike burgundy stefan janoski trainers – Schuh. You can never have to many sports shoes right? I just fell in love with these. I really do love polka dots and the colour burgundy is stunning.

8. Black handbag – H&M. The simplicity of this is amazing. Just a simple cute bag to have on the go. A perfect size to fit all your essentials –  I really could do with it in my life.

9. Lipgloss – NARS. I’m not really a lipgloss person but I saw someone on YouTube try this and it looked stunning on. I just would love to have a shimmer to my lips sometimes than always wearing lipstick.

10. Velvet gloss lips pencil – NARS. Again I have seen many reviews on YouTube on these lip pencils and according to the users they’re pretty good – need to try one of these ASAP!!

11. Lengthening mascara – NARS. I saw this mascara when I was out shopping but I wasn’t sure whether to purchase it or not but now I want it as I don’t have the longest lashes so this could make them much longer rather than having to wear false lashes.

What are you loving this month? Comment below.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for nearly 800 followers/readers who read my blog I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you guys who comment saying how much you love my blog and with blog posts you’d like to see. The support is unreal it makes me really happy to know my posts make you all happy – I love you all. Thank you so much for the non-stop support. I really do appreciate it!

Thanks for reading guys – I’ll see you all soon.

Stay sassy x