Tips and tricks for an Instagram-able scrapbook!

As you all know one of my favourite things to do is capture memories of all the journeys I go on, things I do and places I visit. I’m that friend that always has their camera on taking pictures of literally everything – papping the food before we tuck in, taking a picture of where we’ve come or a pap of what we’re getting up to.

I thought I’d put together a little blog post of all the little things you can do to collect memories and how to keep them all safe in a scrapbook.

Keep everything – Train tickets, cinema tickets any sort of ticket or wristband is any easy way to remember something you did. With this foundation you’ll be able to add pictures and build up from there.

Polaroids & photobooths – This is one of my favourite ways to capture instant memories. I love my polaroid camera I try and take it everywhere I can. Also photobooths are my favourite as all my friends know! Another alternative is apps that let you print out photos in a polaroid style just like Cheerz who I’ve mentioned previously.

Get a cute scrapbook – There is such a large variety of what you can pick from. Whether you want a large one or just a small one it’s entirely your choice. It can have a print or you can get a plain one and either draw on the cover if your feeling arty or use wrapping paper of your choice with a cool print to add to the cover.

Be arty – Doodle on your scrapbook, write dates add quotes or sayings/inner jokes which are special to you to personalise your scrapbook to you and the people who are important to you. Add stickers which is an easy way to spice up the book also.

Ribbon & washy tape – Add ribbon to the borders of images it makes them look even cooler and even washy tape which is one of my favourites to outline images and tickets and even the spine of my scrapbook.

Do you have a scrapbook or have you ever wanted to start one? Comment below.

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*Keepsakes & Memories with Cheerz!


If your like me and enjoy taking photos of literally everything I assure you you’ll love what Cheerz do! Cheerz are a company who allow you to get your favourite images in all different forms from fridge magnets to photo albums to even wall decor.

I received 9 fridge magnets personalised with the photos I chose. The selection process is super easy and to make it even easier they have an app which is available on the App store as well as Google play. You just have to upload the photos you’d like and select which product you like and then you’ll have a Cheerz parcel at your door before you know it. Delivery is super quick and your products arrive all safe and sound in the cutest and securest packaging.

I fell in love with the quality of the pictures. They’re so glossy and not even blurry which is great because I thought the quality would decrease. They’re a perfect gift for any occasion and re-vamp your fridge nicely too. I mean what better place to put memories where you go everyday – to the fridge.

Cheerz have so much variety and are perfect if you’re struggling for gift ideas. It’s super easy and super quick and I’d definitely recommend their services. Check them out by clicking here.

To assist you with your orders here’s a 10% off your first order with Cheerz with the code: LJUOOC.

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3 years of KiranAlix…

Once again I’m lost for words I’ve blogged every week for the past 3 years and loved every minute and will continue to do so. I don’t want to be soppy and all but blogging has been one of the few things I’m super passionate about and for it to succeed makes it even better.

It’s been 3 years, never did I imagine I could do it for this long! But look what I’ve done and hopefully many more years to come! I’ve improved, I’ve learnt tips on flatlays and been to amazing events & met some fabulous people each year I say it’s been my favourite year. I will probably continue to do so, as every year it gets better and better. I’m forever grateful for getting to work with brands and meeting new bloggers through social media as well as events. The blogosphere is the best environment, as most of you bloggers will know and it’s honestly a pleasure to be associated with such a kind and uplifting family!

I’m not going to be soppy any longer! Just a big thank you once again for everyone who supports me, every brand I’ve worked with and all the amazing people I’ve met this year. Once again the journey continues, a fashion lover & a bit of everything else blogger is ready to take on another year! I’ll also be having a whole blog revamp this week in celebration of 3 years so look out for the relaunch.

What have you loved on my blog this year? Comment below.
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Scrapbooking | Printiki


After a busy couple of weeks I’ve finally been able to sit and get some time to myself, to do both things I enjoy. Blog and scrapbook. I mean there’s nothing better to wind down with in my opinion. It’s just so heart warming reflecting on memories, things you’ve done going through a bunch of train tickets, cinema tickets (although my bank account hates it) and polaroids.

I’ve made some brilliant memories this summer as well as this year it’s honestly been a memorable one. What better way to remember all the greatest moments – put it in my scrap

book. With the help of Printiki they kindly offered to send me some prints of some of my favourite photos to add to my scrapbook! I went for the medium size square prints with a glossy finish. I honestly couldn’t have made a better decision the photos came out exactly how they are on my phone not distorted at all and the glossy finish on them makes them even prettier.

They’re the perfect size for my A3 scrapbook and I can collage them and even add captions of like the dates and surround them with various little tickets and washy tape. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I love reflecting on memories and fun times it’s one of my favourite things to do hence why I decided to start a scrapbook to ensure no memory ever goes a miss.

I can’t recommend Printiki  instagram enough too, they have the perfect inspo for all other ideas to use photos whether that’s in a book as a gift or wall art it’s all so beautiful.

What’s your favourite way to reflect and capture on your memories? Comment below.

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Trends, newbies and holy grails!

My posting schedule is a mess, I’m truly sorry I’ve just been so busy. It’ll be back to normal soon I promise you.

Chokers and a dark lip haven’t ever left. They’ve always been an option to fall back on. I mean there’s no going wrong. You can add that rock chick vibe to an outfit instantly and sometimes we all want that side of us to shine. I mean I love a choker to add that bold look to my outfit if I’m feeling a little bare. Even in the summer a pastel choker isn’t something to say no to. However maybe the dark lip is a little less popular. As people tend to go for more the glossy lighter lip look.

Highlighter (by Sleek – limited edition) never fails to amaze me. Adds such a wonderful glow which lasts all day. Blinding but on trend on Instagram as everyone’s look is completed with a finishing sweep of highlight.

Silver hoops have wormed their way back in with one of the most unexpected appearances. In trend during the Noughties yet people wanted this trend to not come back. It’s back and better than ever. The Hadid sisters, and Love Islands popular Olivia, Gabby, Amber and Camilla have been rocking them in and out the villa. I’ve been loving them and cannot wait to style them with evening and day outfits as earings have to be one of my favourites.

Hand cream remains as one of my favourite products which has a home in my hand bag, my car and a collection on my dressing table. A newbie I received recently  is from the Crabtree and Evelyn’s Gardeners collection. It contains nutrient-rich shea butter which is my favourite and I love this as it’s absorbed by hands super quickly leaving them feeling lovely.

What trends have you been loving? Comment below.

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Summer Bathroom Inspo! #DRSSummerBathroom

Interior design is growing on me more and more. I love the whole concept of renovating and upgrading certain rooms for certain seasons and I think bathrooms are more neglected but are the easiest to switch up with their home-ware between seasons.

If I was to complete start my bathroom again  I’d get some basic geometric tiles so then they’re easier to style with patterned objects such as bowls and vases.

Here is my Pinterest board to reflect how I’d have my summer bathroom! (Click on the image it shall take you to my board over on Pinterest)

Again sticking to minimalist theme for summer I think it’s just perfect to pick a few feature colours such as navy blue charcoal grey and maybe either mint green or yellow for that summer-esque vibe.

These colours again could be incorporated through the towels you have on display which I’d have in multiple shades of grey. To compliment the grey also this silver single bar radiator which is really simple and matches the geometric pattern would look perfect with a neutral shade of tiles!

Furthermore I think I’d stick with the basic white and simple toilet and bath tub and the have a bowl and a tap for a sink because I think this is where you can be more creative, as a sink can be both practical and easiest to look good! So I love this whole printed basin for a sink vibe especially for summer!

If you love interior design, Design Radiator Showroom are running a competition for you to win £250 worth of vouchers submit your entry for you summer bathroom here & find out more details about the competition too!

What is your inspo for a summer bathroom? Comment below.

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Healthy Morning Routine!


Mornings are sometimes really busy and also underestimated for the effect they have on the day ahead. They are literally the snippet to how the rest of your day will pan out. It’s really important we make the most of it. From having breakfast to making sure we’re organised for our day ahead.

I thought I’d share my morning routine with you guys from my choice of breakfast to what my mornings consists of.

My breakfast normally consists of a cereal from weetabix to porridge. To then either a cup of tea (yes I’m so British) and a bowl of fruit.

Another option which is one of my top favourites as I’ve mentioned previously is using juicers by Panasonic. This juicer is great to create delicious and healthy fresh drinks and frozen desserts any time of the day. Compact, quiet and easy to handle and if you are partial to a morning orange juice or two (just like me).

As healthy it is to have breakfast in a morning it’s also crucial to ensure you let your mind be healthy as weird as it sounds. So whilst having breakfast maybe watch the news, This Morning, read a magazine or even the newspaper. This helps you relax not anything to harsh on your brain as well as you having something to do whilst having breakfast.

I then go on to check my overview for my schedule for the day and either pack my bag if I’m going out for the day and pick an outfit suitable or either sit at my desk and get tapping on my laptop and clicking the post button on my iPhone keeping content fresh on my social media and interacting with daily affairs on Twitter.

Finally I’m all set for the rest of my day to be productive and complete all tasks I’ve set myself!

What do your mornings consist of? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x