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After a busy couple of weeks I’ve finally been able to sit and get some time to myself, to do both things I enjoy. Blog and scrapbook. I mean there’s nothing better to wind down with in my opinion. It’s just so heart warming reflecting on memories, things you’ve done going through a bunch of train tickets, cinema tickets (although my bank account hates it) and polaroids.

I’ve made some brilliant memories this summer as well as this year it’s honestly been a memorable one. What better way to remember all the greatest moments – put it in my scrap

book. With the help of Printiki they kindly offered to send me some prints of some of my favourite photos to add to my scrapbook! I went for the medium size square prints with a glossy finish. I honestly couldn’t have made a better decision the photos came out exactly how they are on my phone not distorted at all and the glossy finish on them makes them even prettier.

They’re the perfect size for my A3 scrapbook and I can collage them and even add captions of like the dates and surround them with various little tickets and washy tape. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I love reflecting on memories and fun times it’s one of my favourite things to do hence why I decided to start a scrapbook to ensure no memory ever goes a miss.

I can’t recommend Printiki  instagram enough too, they have the perfect inspo for all other ideas to use photos whether that’s in a book as a gift or wall art it’s all so beautiful.

What’s your favourite way to reflect and capture on your memories? Comment below.

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Trends, newbies and holy grails!

My posting schedule is a mess, I’m truly sorry I’ve just been so busy. It’ll be back to normal soon I promise you.

Chokers and a dark lip haven’t ever left. They’ve always been an option to fall back on. I mean there’s no going wrong. You can add that rock chick vibe to an outfit instantly and sometimes we all want that side of us to shine. I mean I love a choker to add that bold look to my outfit if I’m feeling a little bare. Even in the summer a pastel choker isn’t something to say no to. However maybe the dark lip is a little less popular. As people tend to go for more the glossy lighter lip look.

Highlighter (by Sleek – limited edition) never fails to amaze me. Adds such a wonderful glow which lasts all day. Blinding but on trend on Instagram as everyone’s look is completed with a finishing sweep of highlight.

Silver hoops have wormed their way back in with one of the most unexpected appearances. In trend during the Noughties yet people wanted this trend to not come back. It’s back and better than ever. The Hadid sisters, and Love Islands popular Olivia, Gabby, Amber and Camilla have been rocking them in and out the villa. I’ve been loving them and cannot wait to style them with evening and day outfits as earings have to be one of my favourites.

Hand cream remains as one of my favourite products which has a home in my hand bag, my car and a collection on my dressing table. A newbie I received recently  is from the Crabtree and Evelyn’s Gardeners collection. It contains nutrient-rich shea butter which is my favourite and I love this as it’s absorbed by hands super quickly leaving them feeling lovely.

What trends have you been loving? Comment below.

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Summer Bathroom Inspo! #DRSSummerBathroom

Interior design is growing on me more and more. I love the whole concept of renovating and upgrading certain rooms for certain seasons and I think bathrooms are more neglected but are the easiest to switch up with their home-ware between seasons.

If I was to complete start my bathroom again  I’d get some basic geometric tiles so then they’re easier to style with patterned objects such as bowls and vases.

Here is my Pinterest board to reflect how I’d have my summer bathroom! (Click on the image it shall take you to my board over on Pinterest)

Again sticking to minimalist theme for summer I think it’s just perfect to pick a few feature colours such as navy blue charcoal grey and maybe either mint green or yellow for that summer-esque vibe.

These colours again could be incorporated through the towels you have on display which I’d have in multiple shades of grey. To compliment the grey also this silver single bar radiator which is really simple and matches the geometric pattern would look perfect with a neutral shade of tiles!

Furthermore I think I’d stick with the basic white and simple toilet and bath tub and the have a bowl and a tap for a sink because I think this is where you can be more creative, as a sink can be both practical and easiest to look good! So I love this whole printed basin for a sink vibe especially for summer!

If you love interior design, Design Radiator Showroom are running a competition for you to win £250 worth of vouchers submit your entry for you summer bathroom here & find out more details about the competition too!

What is your inspo for a summer bathroom? Comment below.

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Healthy Morning Routine!


Mornings are sometimes really busy and also underestimated for the effect they have on the day ahead. They are literally the snippet to how the rest of your day will pan out. It’s really important we make the most of it. From having breakfast to making sure we’re organised for our day ahead.

I thought I’d share my morning routine with you guys from my choice of breakfast to what my mornings consists of.

My breakfast normally consists of a cereal from weetabix to porridge. To then either a cup of tea (yes I’m so British) and a bowl of fruit.

Another option which is one of my top favourites as I’ve mentioned previously is using juicers by Panasonic. This juicer is great to create delicious and healthy fresh drinks and frozen desserts any time of the day. Compact, quiet and easy to handle and if you are partial to a morning orange juice or two (just like me).

As healthy it is to have breakfast in a morning it’s also crucial to ensure you let your mind be healthy as weird as it sounds. So whilst having breakfast maybe watch the news, This Morning, read a magazine or even the newspaper. This helps you relax not anything to harsh on your brain as well as you having something to do whilst having breakfast.

I then go on to check my overview for my schedule for the day and either pack my bag if I’m going out for the day and pick an outfit suitable or either sit at my desk and get tapping on my laptop and clicking the post button on my iPhone keeping content fresh on my social media and interacting with daily affairs on Twitter.

Finally I’m all set for the rest of my day to be productive and complete all tasks I’ve set myself!

What do your mornings consist of? Comment below.

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*Smiggle Stationary Haul

Recently Smiggle released a new collection of stationary which is the besties collection, with 6 limited edition collectable pencil cases and keyrings. The pencil cases and both keyrings have different scents to them each which is super cute and my little sister Aizah loves this most about Smiggle goodies.

Smiggle Jessie the Jelly Pencil Case –  All the pencil cases are so super cute and unique as they all have an individual scent which makes it all a little bit more personal to the owner. We love how cute each pencil case is especially Jessie as have you seen anything cuter than a jelly on a skateboard??

Smiggle Billie the Biscuit Keyring – This has to be our ultimate favourite we decided. We both LOVE nothing more than biscuits and a cute fluffy biscuit scented like vanilla we couldn’t think of anything better. It’s a total winner in our eyes.

Smiggle Yay Duo Spy Marker – We’ve discovered these pens previously and have had so much writing secret notes to one another. So we both got so excited when we saw another one because we can get back to all our fun we had with them and I cannot wait they’re perfect for secret diaries as well as letters to your besties.

Smiggle Scented Colouring Pencils – Since finishing college colouring has been so relaxing in our Smiggle colouring books we picked up the last time we were there and these scented pencil crayons are such pretty shades and again are scented they’re just the whole package aren’t they?

What’s your favourite item from Smiggle at the minute? Comment below.

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*Summer reads | Wordery

After a stressful month of ups and downs of emotions and determination. I’m back, where I’m happiest – writing. So I thought I’d start back with something quite exciting and something a bit different which I don’t usually do. Recently I ordered some books because this summer there’s a large selection of books I intend to read so I thought why not grab some to start my summer with. Hence I thought I’d share what my first couple of picks are.

I ordered the books off Wordery which is an online bookshop providing you with over 10 million books at the lowest prices. But it gets better also with free shipping to over 100 countries.

Milk and Honey | Rupi Kaur // I have wanted this for so long, seeing everyone post their favourite poems from it made me want it. So I finally went for it. Honestly I couldn’t have made a better decision. It covers issues such as pain,heartache,love and femininity. Its broken down into 4 chapters and each chapter has such deep meaning behind it. I’ve loved reading it and can’t wait to read it all over again.

*Rest in the Mourning | r.h.Sin // I’m half way through this and I’m in love. There’s just no other way to explain it. It written by best-selling author of whiskey, words and a shovel which again is another great read. Rest in the mourning is about self-love and self-care and consists of conscious thoughts and emotions. Another book I’d totally recommend.

*The Princess Saves Herself In This One | Amanda Lovelace // Finally, I’ve not got round to diving into The Princess Saves Herself In This One just yet but I cannot wait to do so. As you all know I’m a sucker for a fairy tale as this is why I had to pick this up as it’s about writing your own ending being in control. It explores love and empowerment etc and I cannot wait to get stuck in.

If you’ve enjoyed this post do be sure to follow me on Twitter [@KiranAlix] for updates with my favourite parts of these books!

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*Easter Cupcakes with Cake Angels!

I’ve been so excited to publish this post!  As you may know I  love keeping myself occupied and one of the ways is baking. I mean you cannot have a better Saturday with sugar all over the work top and chocolate on your nose. It’s just a win win. Recently I got an exciting package of Cake Angels to contribute to my Easter baking.

The recipe I used for my fairy cakes is from the BBC food page which you can click here to access.

Once I had baked my cakes I got some chocolate icing at added it to the top of my cakes. I then decorated the cakes with the following toppings:

Cake & Dessert Sprinkles: I love sprinkles whether that’s for cakes or any types of desserts but for cakes they’re definitely my favourite. My favourite sprinkles have to be the multi-coloured ones because they’re just so pretty and really tasty.

White Mini Marshmallows: If you know my me you’ll know I LOVE marshmallows more than anything so I couldn’t be happier decorating my cakes with marshmallows.

Daisy Flower Fun: Finally I had some lovely flowers and Easter themed iced toppings they totally finish the cakes off perfectly. They look super adorable and are prefect for any occasion to compliment an event.

What’s your favourite way to decorate cakes? Comment below.

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10 Amazing Bathroom products that we’re obsessed with!

Bathrooms are usually the most neglected room in the house when it comes to interior decorating.  However, there are a surprising number of funky products available if you know where to look.

Here are 10 different bathroom products that we’re currently obsessed with:

1) This fun storage solution that organizes toilet rolls into a cloud shape

Lyon Beton’s Cloud Concrete Toilet Roll Holder is a fun storage solution AND a really practical invention.  Unpack your toilet rolls from their unsightly plastic bag and store them right next to your loo.


2) This fab gadget that makes your showers more colourful

Katomi’s 7 Colour LED showerhead cycles through a rainbow of colours, making shower time fun and relaxing.  Plus, this clever gadget will be perfect for enticing troublesome toddlers into the bathroom before bedtime!


3) This amazing mirror that is also a radiator

This ingenious invention means you’ll never have to wait for the bathroom mirror to defog again!  Simply ensure your central heating is switched on before your morning shower.  Clever.


4) This two-seater stainless steel bath with drink rests

Blott Works’ Limited Edition Two Seater Stainless Steel Bath will make a luxurious addition to any bathroom.  The super stylish bath features two raised seats and a lip that extends all the way around, which is perfect for resting arms or drinks.  The bath’s outer section is powder coated and the colour can be customised to your preference.


5) This radiator that looks like a bunch of clothes hangers

Heat your towels AND your bathroom with this clever invention from product designer Leo Salzedo for Bisque.


6) This bright tomato red bathroom suite

Who says bathrooms have to be boring and bland?  This punchy red bathroom suite will really wake you up in a morning!


7) This fibre optic kit that’ll make your bathroom look magical

Starscape sell various fibre optic lighting solutions that can be used in the bathroom, including these fab DIY kits.  The fibre optic lights create a relaxing and soothing environment.  After a hectic day, slip into your bath with a glass of wine and a galaxy of stars projected on the ceiling.  Bliss!


8) These mesmerising tiles that change colours with heat exposure

Moving Color manufacture a range of temperature sensitive colour changing tiles using their patented Liquid Crystal Thermochromic technology.  They’ve have even worked with The Walk Disney Company!  Very cool.

Here’s a look at the company’s colourful tiles in use in a shower:


9) One of these industrial storage trolleys for the laundry

We’ve fallen in love with this storage trolley from Nordic House – the industrial style design is very chic right now.  Perfect for collecting wet towels and dirty clothing.


10) A very trendy ladder shelving unit for storing essentials

Load up Pinterest and navigate to their interior design section.  We bet you’ll find a picture of ladder shelves within a couple of minutes.  They’re the trend du jour.  We love this ladder shelving unit from The White Company.  It is super stylish and very chic.  It’s part of the company’s luxury white lacquer collection and is made from beech wood.


Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Ideal gifts for Valentine’s Day with Cabtree and Evelyn!


img_4104 img_4105 img_4106 img_4108

As Valentine’s day is looming I thought I’d share some super cute gift ideas from Cabtree and Evelyn if you want to treat yourself or the person you love! These gifts are perfect for a best-friend your mum and either your partner, there’s something for everyone!

Limited Edition All Butter Rose & White Chocolate Biscuits – Firstly, can we just talk about how cute the packaging is! The cookies have white chocolate and rose petals in which were honestly so nice. For someone who loves tea these were prefect to enjoy whilst sipping my tea. I wasn’t so sure, but I’d definitely try another assortment.

Rosewater Hand Therapy – I do love rosewater and this was perfect. I mean love a hand cream in my handbag or college back I mean it’s every girls necessity.

Pear and Pink Mongolian Hand Therapy – Like the cookies I wasn’t to sure how to react to the combination but honestly the scent is so nice and both hand creams which are scented are so nice.

Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy –  Having a natural hand cream is always good as it’s more subtle. I do love these as they absorb so easily and aren’t too thick as well as the perfect size for my bag.

I do love all these little items as they’re prefect little gifts. Especially for Valentine’s I mean you can’t go wrong!

What do you do on Valentines day? Comment below.

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Happy 2nd Birthday KiranAlix!

img_0662img_0655 img_0664 img_0668 img_0670

I’m writing this post in complete wonder to where time has gone…It’s been 2 years since I started one of the things I love.

My blog.

It’s been another eventful year I’ve met so many other bloggers – some who I’ve read there blog and it was like a dream to meet them. I’ve learnt so much as a blogger, from the little things to somethings that I never knew mattered. I got to work with brands who I normally go in to store and see on shelves – its literally been an honour. I never thought it’d be this magical.

Most of all it’s about the people who support me day in day out as well as fellow bloggers who read my content and allow me feedback to better me as a blogger as well as my content. The events I’ve been to this year have been spectacular I’ve met some amazing people and learnt so much about brands that I didn’t know and I mean it’s so crazy to think how much we actually don’t know.

Well I guess it’s been such a overwhelming year, onwards and upwards and let’s keep going with this journey and get onto greater things. Thank you so much to all you who have supported from day one of KiranAlix.

Shoutout to Bakerdays who sent me a lovely Letterbox cake you get one now too, with it either personalised or pick a design from their gallery which has a variety of options. You can get any cake for any occasion there’s something for everyone!

Delivery is always on time and even fits through the letter box – in the cutest tin ever!

Thanks for reading – here’s to many more years!

Stay sassy x