October Favourites|2016♥

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As the leaves fall from trees October has sadly come to an end. It’s my favourite month so it’s sad to see it pass by so quickly. However, that doesn’t undermine that some of the more exciting months are coming closer ahhh. I don’t know about you but I’m loving these dark nights – more excuses to get cosy and drown yourself in mini marshmallows.

Today’s post is my October favourites this has probably one of the hardest I’ve had to do I have over 25 things to narrow to 6. Crazy right?

Hugo Boss Orange Fragrance For Her – I got this as a gift and honestly since I’ve got given it I haven’t stopped spritzing it because the scent isn’t strong but it’s the right amount of strong. I get so many compliments and always get asked what the scent is. Plus it’s an orange scent and I love it!!!

*Nails Inc (Mayfair Lane) Gel Effect Polish –  I got given this in a goody bag and I’ve worn the colour a couple of times and it’s so pretty it matches my phone and is subtle. This is what I prefer in a nail varnish too as it doesn’t chip easily.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip (Tulle) – I wear this at least 3 times a week as it is such an autumnal colour and it adds so much to an outfit I think and honestly I just think this is a colour everyone needs in their lip draw.

*Soap & Glory Matte Lipstick (Super Nude)  –  I kind of forgot about this but I’ve had a couple of important places to go and I’ve just worn it to not stand out as much. Honestly I love how it feels on my lips because normal matte lipsticks feel so bad on my lips. However, this is creamy but still looks matte.

*Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Wash –  I received this when I went to see the Soap and Glory tour bus and I think it’s something new they’ve bought out. I love their righteous butter so I knew I’d be a fan. I love this I’ve used it multiple times and it’s so smoothing on the skin and I do recommend it if you love righteous butter.

*MTV Staying Alive Ultra Facial Cream – Kiehls. Finally Kiehls they do make me very happy, my love for this facial cream grows day by day. I wear this every morning and honestly I’m loving how my skin feels – highly recommend this to anyone with any type of skin!

What have you been loving this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



September Favourites|2016♥


There’s nothing more that I’ve been waiting to happen, it’s finally October. That means I’m 18 in 2 days, where has time gone? I just remember turning 13! Wow. As the autumnal colours come back in to trend and dark nights occur September has ended. I’ll show you what’s been my first pick up of the day or in my top draw throughout September!

Experimenter Bath Bomb – Lush.The colour of this bath bomb is intriguing in itself, never mind the scent which as well is incredible. It just gives me the unicorn and rainbow vibes in the bath I mean ah what’s not to love!

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter – Boots. I kind of forgot about this, then after good old clean I re-discovered how much I loved this on my skin I mean it absorbs so well and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated with other body butters I just feel it doesn’t absorb but this is the one.

Pink Polka Dot Notebook – Smiggle. As I’ve been back at college I’ve been loving my bright pink notebook and I do love polka dots so I mean you can’t go wrong.

Icecream & Doughnut Notebook – Journal. This one is much more I mean is a reflection of me – comfort food. Ahh it’s good to dream whilst your in college this helps out.

Garnier Micellar Water – Superdrug. Recently, eye make up has made an appearance on my face quite frequently and this bad boy micellar water does a perfect job by gliding this off so smoothly without any pressure. It’s like heaven when taking off your make-up.

Premium 10 Piece Kabuki Synthetic Make Up Brush Set – Savisto. Since I received these in the post I haven’t even used my beauty blender I just loving having the freedom to use different brushes for the different ares on your face.

What have you been loving this September? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



August Favourites|2016♥

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August is nearly coming to an end, this means summer is nearly over (tears flow..) I mean I’m not even ready to back to college ugh. Can I have another couple of months to unwind? Like I much prefer having to sleep late and enjoy watching films. I can’t be doing with early mornings already! Any how let me share with you what I’ve been loving this month.

*Silver Glam watch – Swatch. Since I received this at the Swatch event I haven’t stopped wearing it! I mean I’ve got so many compliments as well as people asking where they can get one. What’s not to love? The detailing has to be my ultimate fav!

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Balm – Superdrug. I hate having dry lips and recently it’s been a problem (not even a little one..) This lip balm has literally saved my lips from being dehydrated which is the worst thing in the world.

Fudge Sundae – Hotel Chocolat. So Jess gifted me these and oh my goodness I’ve never tasted anything better. I love fudge, it’s like tasting heaven. I really should be on a strict chocolate ban but I promise these were worth it..(shhh)

*Barbour For her Fragrance – Selfridges. I kind of forgot I had this, then re-discovered this, this month when I went to a wedding the scent is just such so pretty and reminds of Tinkerbell (I mean I just feel like a pixie).

*MTV Staying Alive Ultra Facial Cream – Kiehls. Kiehl’s has paired up with MTV Staying Alive Foundation and ambassador Laura Mvula to design a Limited edition Ultra Facial Cream. I mean if you’ve tried the original you’ll now how good it is! SO hydrating and especially on my dry skin. Every tub of the cream bought will give a £1o donation to help procted young adults from HIV – which I think is brilliant so do purchase one if you can!

Kebelo Enriching Masque – Look Fantastic Finally, I have been loving this hair mask its just made me love getting my hair cut as it looks super healthy and hydrated rather than dry which I despise more than anything!

What have you been loving this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



July Favourites|2016♥

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After a long eventful week of work experience I’ve finally got a chance to sit down and do what I love most – blog. Where has July gone? I swear it was June yesterday. This only means that its time to share my favourites with you!

Foundation brush – Primark. Like I mentioned in my previous post I’ve had one of these and had to re-purchase it because honestly this brush is so soft and is perfect to apply foundation with.

5 Pack metallic elastic hair bands – Primark. These are perfect for quick up dos as well as pony tails they look groovy and are perfect to dress up a hair do. They don’t leave marks in your hair which is the best thing ever.

MUA Highlighting Powder – Superdrug. This is pretty self-explanatory my highlight is always so pretty and its this one so pigmented and shiny. Love it on, especially with a bronze eye look it glows so well.

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick [Pommiegirl] – I love this lipstick shade literally has to my favourite lippy to wear this month, It compliments all outfits and make up looks. I love the shade of this as it compliments my skin really well!

Peace Massage Bar – Lush. This massage bar is perfect on the skin it glides on and doesn’t feel oily at all. It moisturizes well and hydrates the skin immensely. I’d highly recommend if you have dry skin.

Soap and Glory body spray – Boots. This is literally my scent like I don’t go a day without spritzing this. I mean its such a handy size to have i your handbag and the scent is so fruity, It’s a win win.

What have you been loving this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


June Favourites|2016♥

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June has flown by. It’s been such a hectic month with Ramadhan and exams finally ending! The weather going from sunny to thunder it’s really been expecting the unexpected. Now let’s skip to the good bit..June favourites.

Herbal Essences Dazzling Shampoo – Boots. Everyone always ask what shampoo I use on my hair,well I’m going reveal to you it’s herbal essences this is what makes my hair so shiny and makes it look super healthy. Not forgetting how lovely the citrus scent is I mean it’s an all round great shampoo!

Herbal Essences Dazzling Conditioner – Boots. Similar to the shampoo this is amazing too, however I’d advise you to use the tiniest bit as it goes a long way as if too much is used it makes your hair look greasy relatively quickly. This again gives your hair a refreshing look and a great scent.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant – Superdrug. As someone who loves using deodorant this is one of the best ones as it doesn’t leave white marks which is great as I always wear black this would be a disaster. It’s long lasting and not too strong which is the perfect combination.

Bed Head Small Talk Thickifier – Look fantastic. This styling lotion is perfect if you have long hair which requires volume or any hair type should I say it gives definition and eliminates frizz on dry hair which saves my life. As my hair is super frizzy but this is the perfect solution.

Sleek Blush By Lace 3 – Superdrug. This month I’ve been loving blusher with a berry lip. I mean I hardly have been into blusher but I’m glad my obsession is back this contains the best shades which are pretty tones for all skin shades.

Sleek Makeup Cream Contour (medium) – Superdrug. Similar to blush you all know how much I love my contour this pallete honestly is heaven if you haven’t got your hands on this you need it! I hadn’t tried cream contour which is why I purchased this but honestly it’s so much easier application and easy to blend! Let me now if you want a make-up look with these 2 palletes.

What products have you been loving this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



May Favourites|2016♥

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Its finally the end of May which I actually couldn’t be any happier about as this means its coming towards the end to exams. I will officially be stress free which means I’ll be a happy bunny as there’s no more staying in and revising its all about adventures and fun outdoors.

However, it means its time to share with you what I’ve been loving this month. It was quite easy to pick this months as its been the same things that I’ve been using throughout the whole month.

Peanut Butter M&Ms – Amazon. The first favourite has to be my new favourite of 2016. I blame Hemisha for this as seriously she was nibbling on these in college one morning, I tried one and I totally fell in love. So I went out and bought some and now I have a stash in my bedroom. I mean everyone needs to try these they’re so nice like you will thank me!

Nivea Post Shave Balm – Boots. I wanted to see what the hype was about so I purchased it but I just had the chance to try it as a primer. My foundation went on so easily and smoothly. It also made my foundation stay on and there was no creasing, which also happens to me so this is a win win!

Palmer’s Olive Butter Formula – Feel Unique. This is such a subtle and absorbing moisturizer  and especially on my skin as its really dry this brought some life in to it by rehydrating it for as long as 25hrs.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm – Boots. I’ve needed a new lip balm as I was sick of the strawberry scented and flavoured ones and seriously this is literally so handy to stick in your handbag it tastes lovely and leaves your lips feeling smooth and fresh.

Matte Liquid Lipstick – Maybeline. I mentioned this in a post last month since then I haven’t stopped wearing this I mean this has to be my holy-grail colour on my lips I love it so much. The application is easy and the look of it is flawless I mean its just a 2 in 1 really can’t go wrong!

Grey Acid Wash Ripped Jeans – Jailbird. Finally, I’ve rediscovered my ripped jeans and honestly I couldn’t be happier as they’re so easy to style and look super trendy. I’m going to definitely have to invest in a couple more pairs.

What have you been loving this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


April Favourites|2016♥

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Hey guys!

I’ve had such a good day so far so I thought why not blog again, I was feeling inspired. Hasn’t this month flown by. I was still thinking we were at the start of April. Wow. It’s that time again were I share with you what I’ve been loving and this month it was so hard to narrow it down.

Pink Soda Sport mesh t-shirt – JD. I have been loving working out in the top, it has been my one love. The mesh allows you just to have that extra access to the air rather than been all wrapped up. Plus I think it looks super trendy whilst working out.

Elegant Touch Jackie Nails – Superdrug.  I hardly ever wear falsies but if you’ve seen my Snapchat and Twitter you’d know that recently I’ve been loving them. Especially these falsies they’re just so easy to apply and don’t need much adjustment which means less hassle.

Kebelo Enriching Masque – Look Fantastic. Lately, I haven’t been loving my hair as much but once I remembered I had this I totally forgot how much of a difference it makes. Its like bringing your hair back to life. Every lady with long hair needs to purchase this.

Fresh Mint Nail Polish – Little Odine. I recently received these nail polishes which can peel off but stay on for so long. I mean I couldn’t be happier. I love this mint green colour its perfect for summer.

Nugg Beauty Masks – Selfridges. I did a post on these masks last month I think and honestly they’re by far my favourite face masks. They leave my face feeling so fresh and hydrated.

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Primark. Finally, last but not least I purchased these from Primark and honestly they’re so cool I mean I’m all about the quirky sunglasses and these do a perfect job!

What have you been loving this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



March Favourites|2016♥

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Hey guys! Happy Easter, I hope you’re having the best day eating plenty of chocolate! It’s the end of March and that can only mean one thing right? You’ve guessed it my monthly favourites!

Barbour For her Fragrance – Selfridges. Since I received this at the beginning of March I cannot stop spritzing it. I mean the scent lasts all day and the compliments this scent receives is remarkable.

Soap&Glory Speed Plump – Boots. I have recently been using moisturizer frequently and this has enhanced my skins condition massively I mean the scent is such a lovely watermelon which I love but the aftermath is what I’m totally raving about!!

Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit – Superdrug. Since I bought this I honestly couldn’t be happier. I love to contour and this highlight I applied when I went to a wedding this week and I honestly loved the finished look.

Nude Pointed False Nails -Primark. I purchased these as I know how good Primark falsies are but this time I went for the pointed ones which I thought would look super sophisticated. They proved me right they last so long and are such good quality.

Gold&Blue Stacking Rings  – Lyla Loves. Finally, I rediscovered these stacked rings which I loved and totally forgot about. I’m so glad I’ve found them because they’re just adorable and compliment every outfit.

What have you been loving this March? Comment below.


February Favourites|2016♥



Hey guys!

I hope your all well and had a good start to the weekend because I know I have! It’s nearly the end of February and its that time where I share with you this months favourites.

Soap&Glory Righteous butter – Boots. // This is just the perfect consistency when applied it’s so soft and leaves my arms feeling super smooth I really recommend it if you haven’t already tried it.

Batiste Original dry shampoo – Boots //  As you all know how much I love Batiste dry shampoo. I always stick to the blush scent but I tried the original this month and honestly the scent is so refreshing! I cannot wait to try them all out because I have a really good feeling about them all.

Pink Soda Sport Panel Crew Sweatshirt – JD Sports // As I mentioned in a previous blog post I love the comfort of this. I love wearing it when working out and its perfect to lounge around it.

Gel Polish – Nailed London // I am recently loving dark colours (as always) but especially on my lips and nails. I just always feel that when I’m feeling cold that dark colour instantly make me feel warmer is this just me? I have recently re-discovered this shade and I’m in love with it.

Wonderbronze Cheek Stick – Soap&Glory // I love bronzer and this has made m love it even more. You don’t need to apply that much product and it’ll look flawless which I love. The application of a pan stick is so easy which I also love.

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip in Berry Much – Soap&Glory // Finally, again with my love for dark colours this month this berry colour in matte has been super beautiful to add to my make-up looks as it just brings the whole look together. I definitely need more colours in these.

That’s all my favourites this month I hope you enjoyed this post.

What have you been loving this month? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



January Favourites|2016♥

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Hey guys!

I hope you are all good. For each month of 2016 I will be sharing my favourites with you, similar to last year when I did my monthly I love it, I want it posts. I think this will be a much loved monthly post so enjoy!

Grey Ribbed T-Shirt – New Look. // I have not just been loving this individually I’ve been loving ribbed t-shirts in general. They’re so easy to layer and style they’re a win either way!

Silver Personalised Choker – Lisa Angel. // I’ve been recently loving chokers. I mean they were talked about a lot then just forgotten about but recently I’ve rediscovered mine and I’m obsessed.

Tattoo Choker – ASOS. // Again, same with this choker it matches most my wardrobe as its all black and they’re just so fashionable.

Plush Pink Skin Brush – Magnitone. // I’ve also rediscovered my magnitone as I broke out in too many spots recently and its helped sooth my skin so well leaving it smooth.

Honey Fragranced Lip Balm – Joules. // I love this lip balm I mean its one of them that are so fruity that you could eat it.

Smooth the Day Away Body Lotion – Joules. // This body lotion is absorbed so easily and smells so so nice.

Ole Henriksen Foaming Milk – Sephora. // For my skin I’ve been using this and it just leaves it feeling fresh and hydrated.

Honey&Propolis Cream Cleanser – Bee Good. // This cleanser has to be my all time favourite I received this in my bloggers review box from the press tent and I’ve repurchased it because its too good not to get.

Jessie J (Autobiography) Nice to meet you – Amazon. // As you may or may not know I adore Jessie J and I’m currently reading her book for the 105th time (maybe not) nut honestly I can’t believe I forgot about it.

Eyelash Curlers – French Connection. // I always one to be scared about using eyelash curlers but now I’m like why haven’t I used them because they make a huge difference.

Soap&Glory Multi Blush – Boots. // I have been loving a soft glowing look within my make-up and this just helps me achieve the look perfectly honestly if you haven’t tried it, go get it!

Nutella – Tesco. // Finally my food favourite has to be nutella as honestly nutella on pancakes makes me so happy. I’m supposed to be being healthy ooops (I have strawberries with my pancakes if that helps!)

I have loved all these items so much like I don’t even know why I’ve forgotten about somethings.

What are your favourite items this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x