10 make up products you need in your collection! 

You know the certain beauty products you have in your make up collection that sometimes you totally forget about, they are sometimes the most precious.

These are 10 make up products I think we all need and cannot live without!

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Translucent) – I love this powder, it’s so good to set your foundation with and doesn’t move all day! Your skin doesn’t look cakey but so flawless I mean you can’t go wrong with this in your make up bag!


2. Bagsy Bronzer – I totally forgot about this and how much I used to treasure it! BUT it’s back I love a good bronze look and how it adds such a subtle glow and not too dark. I mean who doesn’t love a bit of a summer glow to get them summer vibes a little early!


3. Soap & Glory Think & Fast Mascara – I’m not a mascara kinda girl I’m more on the kohl hype but recently I can’t go without it it adds such good volume to my lashes instantly all you need is your eyelashes curlers and this mascara and I promise your good to go!


4. Ted Baker Highlight & Blush Pallete – As you all know highlight is my favourite like I could literally have it all over my face and I’d be happy with just that. This highlight is SO pigmented like no kidding the glow is unreal!


5. KIKO Primer – A good primer is essential for a good stable base to your whole make up look and honestly I’m nearly out of this so I need to repurchase it, I love how it makes my skin feel and leaves my make up looking amazing all day long!


6. KIKO 3D Lifting Foundation – I’ve missed using this foundation but now that I’ve got my favourite primer foundation combo back there’s no going back! I cannot wait to get back into full swing with these two products because they’re so good together!


7. NYX Lingerie Liquid Lip (Embellishment ) – This is probably my favourite of all the products I’ve mentioned merely because I can’t go a day without it! It’s my everyday lip and I adore the colour on my skin tone! The formulas for these liquid lipsticks are phenomenal and I really need to grab a couple more!


8. Soap & Glory Kohl (Silver) – I love this in my waterline it’s such a pretty colour. Instead of the normal black I love changing it up. Also it compliments the highlight in the corner of my eye and it’s just a amazing combination.


9. Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner – A good winged eyeliner is essential to a good make up look! With this supercat liner you can’t have a sharper flick! It’s a must to have in your make up bag and perfect for on the go!


10. Soap & Glory Gloss Stick (Nude) – Finally for the last way you can also glow is with this gloss stick on top of your matte lipstick! It’s just so pretty and keeps your lips hydrated and feeling super smooth all day!!

What are your staple make-up products? Comment below.

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*Jewellery haul with Unicorn Born!

With my stereotypical obsession of unicorns I came into contact with the jewellery brand Unicorn Born owned by the lovely lady Fee and wanted all of you to see how unique her handmade jewellery is which makes it so special.

The slim velvet choker  caught my attention immediately as it was super thin which I love as it’s not too alarming and can add that 70’s vibe to any outfit no matter how you style it. Previously, with chokers I’ve bought they’ve ended up loose after a couple of times I’ve worn them and didn’t quite fit my neck how I’d wanted it. However, I wore this choker and it fitted perfectly, I’ll keep you updated whether or not it does loosen after a while.

Another one of my personal favourites is the Twisted ring which is perfect for stacking if you love your rings like me. It’s such a good fit especially with other rings its super adorable and dainty. You can add either statement rings to spice it up a little or other rings similar to it to be more casual. It’s such good quality too, which I wasn’t quite expecting it to be if I’m honest.

Unicorn Born have fast delivery and you receive all your items in the cutest packaging as you can see above so do head over and check it for more quirky handmade jewellery.

What is your favourite jewellery item? Comment below.

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Skincare products that I’ve been loving!


Swollen tonsils, exam stress and life leaves you with awful skin I don’t know if that’s just me. However all these factors led me to consolidating some of my favourite skincare products. All these products work wonders no matter what my skin is going through. I haven’t blogged in a week and I’m sorry but being Ill is the worst 😦 I’M BACK and a little better. So why not share with you some of my favourites right now!

T Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips –  After seeing so many other bloggers rave about these I hopped on the bandwagon and now I know why! They’re so good to get rid of blackheads and dead skin on your nose. They’re so easy to apply and are good for all skin types as I have quite sensitive skin too.

Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask –  I’ve always loved body shop face masks and they’re the ones I continue to use, I mean you just cannot go wrong I love this seaweed one it works amazingly! It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated, I really want to try the charcoal one too have you tried it?

Bee Good Cream Cleanser –  Another one of my favourite products is this cream cleanser which I need to repurchase asap. It is perfect for when my skin breaks out. Its so soothing to apply and washes off leaving my skin feeling 10x better than it originally was.

*Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream –  I love this facial cream its perfect to apply before applying make up and after you’ve took your make up off. It’s the perfect shield for your skin. Leaving it feeling refreshed for a whole 24hrs without a doubt. It’s easily absorbed and is compatible with all skin types too.

*Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser –  I love taking my make up off with this facial cleanser as it is one of the best facial washes I’ve used it leaves my skin feeling so soft and glowing. You only need the tiniest amount too and it works the same whereas other products you do need quite a bit.

What skincare products are you loving? Comment below.

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*Fabulous in a flash with Soap and Glory!

I’ve been so excited to publish this post because you all know how much I love Soap and Glory. You can be fabulous in a flash with these three items! From the 12th of April till the 9th of May you get them FREE when you spend £14 in a single transaction on any Soap and Glory cosmetics in a Boots stores. (But it’s so east yo spend £14 so you’ve got nothing to worry about!)

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump – I love Soap and Glory’s sexy mother puckers because honestly on top of any matte lipstick or liquid lipstick it’s perfect to add that plump and not just for it to be matte but nice and glossy!

Thick & Fast HD Mascara – I’ve personally never tried this mascara but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it so I’m so excited to finally get to try it! The name gets me excited I mean you cannot go wrong with it as it applies that volume and adds length definition and DRAMA!

Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen – Finally the Supercat eyeliner is one of my all time favourite eyeliners for getting that perfect flick so I’m so excited to start using this again. It can go either two ways a fine point for a natural look or a thick edge for a dramatic look I mean it’s a winner either way am I right?

What cosmetics are you loving? Comment below.

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*Easter Cupcakes with Cake Angels!

I’ve been so excited to publish this post!  As you may know I  love keeping myself occupied and one of the ways is baking. I mean you cannot have a better Saturday with sugar all over the work top and chocolate on your nose. It’s just a win win. Recently I got an exciting package of Cake Angels to contribute to my Easter baking.

The recipe I used for my fairy cakes is from the BBC food page which you can click here to access.

Once I had baked my cakes I got some chocolate icing at added it to the top of my cakes. I then decorated the cakes with the following toppings:

Cake & Dessert Sprinkles: I love sprinkles whether that’s for cakes or any types of desserts but for cakes they’re definitely my favourite. My favourite sprinkles have to be the multi-coloured ones because they’re just so pretty and really tasty.

White Mini Marshmallows: If you know my me you’ll know I LOVE marshmallows more than anything so I couldn’t be happier decorating my cakes with marshmallows.

Daisy Flower Fun: Finally I had some lovely flowers and Easter themed iced toppings they totally finish the cakes off perfectly. They look super adorable and are prefect for any occasion to compliment an event.

What’s your favourite way to decorate cakes? Comment below.

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My favourite fragrances!♥

As the sun has made an appearance lately, I thought it’d be a great idea to share some of my favourite fragrances with you. As I know there’s nothing better than a good fragrance when the sun is out.

*Barbour For her Fragrance – Selfridges. This definitely is one of my favourite fragrances, it has such a fruity scent which you can’t go wrong with especially when the sun is shining. It’s such a pretty scent of sweet vanilla. The packaging I mean you can’t go wrong with rose gold!

Hugo Boss Orange Fragrance For Her. I’m pretty much going tell you all of these fragrances are my favourite. But I do love this one! It has to be the one I wear as a special fragrance as it has such a gorgeous scent I want it to last forever. I love oranges so every time I spray this I fall in love every time.

Chanel No5 Paris – Feel Unique. This again has a floral scent and it is such a classic. I mean you cannot go wrong with a bit of Chanel. I mean every girl has to own a Chanel perfume right? It’s quite a big perfume so again I like to wear this occasionally not as an everyday spray.

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush – Superdrug. This has such a pink passion scent and I love it. It’s perfect for an everyday spray. I love the fruity scent combined with the pink it adds such a subtle but long-lasting scent. Not to mention how pretty the packaging is and it’s a perfect size for your handbag too!

What fragrance have you been loving? Comment below.

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10 Amazing Bathroom products that we’re obsessed with!

Bathrooms are usually the most neglected room in the house when it comes to interior decorating.  However, there are a surprising number of funky products available if you know where to look.

Here are 10 different bathroom products that we’re currently obsessed with:

1) This fun storage solution that organizes toilet rolls into a cloud shape

Lyon Beton’s Cloud Concrete Toilet Roll Holder is a fun storage solution AND a really practical invention.  Unpack your toilet rolls from their unsightly plastic bag and store them right next to your loo.

Source: DesignMyWorld.net

2) This fab gadget that makes your showers more colourful

Katomi’s 7 Colour LED showerhead cycles through a rainbow of colours, making shower time fun and relaxing.  Plus, this clever gadget will be perfect for enticing troublesome toddlers into the bathroom before bedtime!

Source: Amazon.co.uk

3) This amazing mirror that is also a radiator

This ingenious invention means you’ll never have to wait for the bathroom mirror to defog again!  Simply ensure your central heating is switched on before your morning shower.  Clever.

Source: DesignerRadiatorShowroom.co.uk

4) This two-seater stainless steel bath with drink rests

Blott Works’ Limited Edition Two Seater Stainless Steel Bath will make a luxurious addition to any bathroom.  The super stylish bath features two raised seats and a lip that extends all the way around, which is perfect for resting arms or drinks.  The bath’s outer section is powder coated and the colour can be customised to your preference.

Source:  Sableandox.co.uk

5) This radiator that looks like a bunch of clothes hangers

Heat your towels AND your bathroom with this clever invention from product designer Leo Salzedo for Bisque.

Source: DesignerRadiatorShowroom.co.uk

6) This bright tomato red bathroom suite

Who says bathrooms have to be boring and bland?  This punchy red bathroom suite will really wake you up in a morning!

Source: Amaroni.com

7) This fibre optic kit that’ll make your bathroom look magical

Starscape sell various fibre optic lighting solutions that can be used in the bathroom, including these fab DIY kits.  The fibre optic lights create a relaxing and soothing environment.  After a hectic day, slip into your bath with a glass of wine and a galaxy of stars projected on the ceiling.  Bliss!

Source:  Starscape.co.uk

8) These mesmerising tiles that change colours with heat exposure

Moving Color manufacture a range of temperature sensitive colour changing tiles using their patented Liquid Crystal Thermochromic technology.  They’ve have even worked with The Walk Disney Company!  Very cool.

Here’s a look at the company’s colourful tiles in use in a shower:

Source: MovingColour.net

9) One of these industrial storage trolleys for the laundry

We’ve fallen in love with this storage trolley from Nordic House – the industrial style design is very chic right now.  Perfect for collecting wet towels and dirty clothing.

Source: NordicHouse.co.uk

10) A very trendy ladder shelving unit for storing essentials

Load up Pinterest and navigate to their interior design section.  We bet you’ll find a picture of ladder shelves within a couple of minutes.  They’re the trend du jour.  We love this ladder shelving unit from The White Company.  It is super stylish and very chic.  It’s part of the company’s luxury white lacquer collection and is made from beech wood.

Source:  TheWhiteCompany.com

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