Quick Halloween Inspired Make Up Look!


Happy Halloween, as it’s Halloween I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and do a post Halloween-esque! I did a make-up look which was quite vampy so I thought I’d share how I did it and what I used. I love dark and smoky make-up so what other opportunity to share this make-up look.

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation – Boots.  I got a foundation slightly lighter than my original shade to add that pale look. It wasn’t as light as I wanted but even a little lighter makes a difference. This foundation is my holy-grail drugstore foundation it has a medium coverage so you can’t go wrong.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Superdrug. I used my Collection concealer as you all know its my favourite to hide them eye bags. I added it just under my eyes again in a lighter shade than my usual just to make my face pale instead of it being my natural shade.

Laura Geller Illuminator – Beauty Bay.  I love this highlighter. It’s so pretty and has the brightest glow so I thought this would be the best way to add a lighter colour to the look. As well as a slightly pink glow rather than silver.

Ultra Matte Lip –  Colourpop.  I’m so glad it’s A/W so I can get the most wear out of this again. It was going dusty waiting for me to pick it up again. I love a dark lip and this has to be my favourite shade. A deep red. I mean you just can’t go wrong with bold eyes and a dark lip.

Sexy Mother Pucker – Soap and glory. Instead of it just having a matte finish, I thought to change it up a little so I added this lip gloss on top. It added such a brighter more loud look to my lips. To allow it to be the centre of the look.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner – Superdrug. I mean you can’t go wrong with a winged eye look for Halloween. It’s the perfect opportunity to go all out and have the boldest eye make up. So why not take advantage of it. I love this eyeliner its perfect to get the sharpest wing as well as the darkest.

Lace Cat Ears – Primark. Finally, a non-make up item to finish the whole look were these lace ears that I grabbed from Primark aren’t they the cutest you’ve seen!!? Again you can adapt this look by adding lashes or even eyeshadow and even glitter if you want to go that extra mile!

What look are you going for this Halloween? Comment below.

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OOTD // How to wear brands discretely! ft. New Balance Revlite.

Today’s post has been something I’ve wanted to post for a while. As you all know I love a variety of different clothing and footwear brands. Some I wear more often compared to others. One of the hardest things can be to style bold logo’s. I think I might do a series of these posts with a different outfit each time. (Do let me know if that something you’d like to see).

MOTO Mid Blue Step Hem Jamie Jeans – Topshop.  I know these jeans are supposed to be for summer. BUT I love them so much that I can’t not wear them. Styled correctly you can wear them all year round, whether that’s with a thick knit jumper or even a t-shirt how I’ve worn it. You can add layers like a scarf or coat to add that extra comfort but the autumn style too so it’s a win win.

Sketchy Riper T-Shirt by Vans – Topshop. I love Vans and this t-shirt was too me to not get. I love how it has the little logo and California on the front and then BAM the back it’s all coming to life with the large bold print. It’s such a nice fit and can be styled so many different ways. With either culottes, jeans and even trousers. I also imagined it looking super good with some black Adidas joggers as the two paired together would look super cool.

*New Balance 247 Womens – JD Sports. I’ve so many shoes but not a single pair that are grey! I’ve wanted a pair of New Balance for the longest time! I finally have some! Can we just appreciate how beautiful they are! I love the design of them almost knitted which adds so much comfort for your feet it’s unreal. Also, they’re that pair of shoes you could style with an everyday outfit but are perfect to work out in too. I cannot wait to style them with other outfits and wear them I can see me living in them this A/W. I love wearing them they’re super comfy and you could walk forever and your feet can’t feel it because of how they’re designed! I love the almost knitted look to them too.

Bomber Jacket – Topshop. Bomber jackets are perfect to finish an outfit. I’ve been living in mine layering it with hoodies and jumpers, it’s just so versatile. I love how it almost brings the outfit together, tying the jeans and t-shirt in sync with one another.

Black Studded Chain Winged Tote Bag – River Island. I love this tote bag so much which is now also my everyday bag because it’s just the perfect size and is super pretty. I love suede and I think it is really going blow up this A/W so I mean you can’t go wrong with a suede bag and gold hardware right? It’s just so glam with the studs but super casual with the suede – an overall perfect bag for any fashionista.

What is your ideal way to style brands? Comment below.

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3 years of KiranAlix…

Once again I’m lost for words I’ve blogged every week for the past 3 years and loved every minute and will continue to do so. I don’t want to be soppy and all but blogging has been one of the few things I’m super passionate about and for it to succeed makes it even better.

It’s been 3 years, never did I imagine I could do it for this long! But look what I’ve done and hopefully many more years to come! I’ve improved, I’ve learnt tips on flatlays and been to amazing events & met some fabulous people each year I say it’s been my favourite year. I will probably continue to do so, as every year it gets better and better. I’m forever grateful for getting to work with brands and meeting new bloggers through social media as well as events. The blogosphere is the best environment, as most of you bloggers will know and it’s honestly a pleasure to be associated with such a kind and uplifting family!

I’m not going to be soppy any longer! Just a big thank you once again for everyone who supports me, every brand I’ve worked with and all the amazing people I’ve met this year. Once again the journey continues, a fashion lover & a bit of everything else blogger is ready to take on another year! I’ll also be having a whole blog revamp this week in celebration of 3 years so look out for the relaunch.

What have you loved on my blog this year? Comment below.
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Get Pamper Ready with Soap & Glory!

Photo 08-10-2017, 10 04 29 amPhoto 08-10-2017, 10 04 15 amPhoto 08-10-2017, 10 13 18 amPhoto 08-10-2017, 10 04 54 am

After a brilliant birthday week its time to update you guys with some exciting new releases from Soap and Glory! I mean how can I not share what I’ve been loving.

First and foremost we’ve got to go with the She’s a natural day and night face pallete.  I’m in love with this combination I mean it’s just everything you could need in a pallete. The pallete consists of a light-deflecting sunkissed bronzer, a creamy blendable blusher and the a sheer, smoothing highlighter. The goodness doesn’t stop there then comes 3 silky buildable eyeshadow in the shades – cafe away, culture choc and choccy. This is perfect to have in your handbag or take away with you for a weekend rather than a whole bunch of make up. The eyeshadows have to be my favourite as I did an evening look and they worked so well.

As you all know I’m all about long baths and pamper nights. I’d have one every night if I could! Soap and glory now have bath bombs! YES you heard it right!! They have bath bombs I mean it couldn’t be a better idea could it? The fizz-a-bath bombs are available in original pink, smoothie star and sugar crush. These are exclusively available at Boots.

Finally, another one of my favourites is the melty talented dry skin balm. You can dab a bit of this onto dry lips, nails or even hair tips. It has a light coconut fragrance to leave you feeling soothed and nourished this is so versatile as it has so many uses. You can take it everywhere and it’ll come in handy.

I’m in love with late night pamper sessions and all these products are perfect for a relaxed evening or even a late night make up look.

What is your favourite way to relax? Comment below.

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Getting creative with Reeves X Foundation Coffee House


Last Friday I was invited down to the Foundation Coffee House in Manchester. Reeves were hosting an arts and crafts event to showcase their rebrand of art products.

On entrance I was greeted by the lovely ladies from Reeves who introduced me to the new range and showed me illustrations by Elliot who was present at the event too! I’ve got to say he’s so talented! The postcards and flip books are SO imaginative!

Whilst we grabbed a coffee and some free pizza.. YES free pizza! I got to meet the lovely Asma & Steph, then we painted our plants and postcards and chatted about all things blogger as you do!

It was lovely to see so many people from the public also coming and getting creative. It’s just so good to wind down after a long week, and with painting it was so relaxing.

The new Reeves collection contains literally everything you’d need to create art, from brushes of all sizes and purposes. To acrylic and water colour paints of every colour. To then sketchpads and sketching pencils. You can check it all out here and grab what you need!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What’s your favourite way to wind down after a long week? Comment below.

Michael Kors X Jourdan Dunn Launch Event #MKxJourdanDunn

Last Wednesday myself and a couple of other Manchester bloggers got invited down to Intu Trafford Centre, as Selfridges hosted an event for the launch of Jourdan Dunn’s collection of bags and accessories with Michael Kors.

We were greeted by the lovely event staff once we got there. I’ve got to say I fell in love with the set up of the event. The DJ was Lilah Parsons and oh my is she talented and ever so beautiful!!

We got to see the collection, which ranges from the Rhea backpacks to clutches and even a polaroid camera (which I need ASAP). My favourite colour bag had to be the baby pink one as I think you could style it with so many outfits!! The baby pink is super neutral an would be versatile to pair with both dark and light colour of an outfit.

Once we’d chatted about all thing accessories and discussed what was our favourites, we had a chance to go shoot a 3D boomerang in the little photo booth which was SO fun I’ve got to say that’s the coolest photo booth I’ve been in. Being VIPs at the event we got a selfie pass to meet the lady herself at the event that night Jourdan Dunn! She’s super lovely and even prettier in reality!

We got a selfie and even a cute boomerang (check my Twitter @KiranAlix)! I mean you can’t go wrong going to a blogger event and having a catch up with some of your favourite bloggers.

What are your thoughts on the #MKxJourdanDunn collection? Comment below.

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*Comfort in Camo | JD Women


Comfort is essential in both gym wear as well as lounge wear. I mean everyone knows gym gear is perfect and the most comfortable to lounge around the house in. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite pieces from the new Ellese collection available in JD Sports now.

Ellese Cropped Over Head Hoodie – I love a hoodie in general and to be fair a cropped hoodie is super easy to style when going to the gym. The matching leggings go perfectly however if you didn’t want to be as bold the black Ellese original leggings would go perfectly. The fit of the hoodie is true to size and is so warm ready for that transition into A/W.

Ellese All Over Print Leggings – The leggings to match the hoodie are such a good fit. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve had a pair of leggings that fit me this well! They’re not at all see through which means you can work out without being cautious and just be comfy. Also, the lilac on the leggings is SO gorgeous can I say at first I thought it was white but pastel colours are so in and it looks trendy!!!

Ellese Padded Jacket – I think this has to be my favourite item of them all. I’ve always wanted a padded jacket and I’m in love I cannot wait to style this in A/W as well as just rock it to the gym. It’s so comfy and isn’t too big which I was afraid of. It fits perfectly and is waterproof so I mean you can’t go wrong.

Black Womens Nike Theas – I love my Nikes they’re so super light on my feet to work out in. They’re the all black ones and are versatile with all my gym outfits as it’s a basic colour so the grey camo looks super good with these.

Whats your favourite outfit to work out in? Comment below.

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