*Bagsy Beauty Products

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Hey my beautiful readers.

Today I’ve got a blog post to tell you about one of the newest beauty collections. This is my by Bagsy – ‘Meet your handbag’s new best friends’.

Bagsy launched exclusively on feelunique.com on the 15th of June.

Bagsy is a British brand. Its a collection designed of easy-to-use beauty essentials. Also, with quirky and detailed packaging. I love it! Bagsy allows you to always be prepared, always and for any occasion. – Your handbag will love it!

That was just a short introduction to what Bagsy do as a company I’m now going to tell you a little about some of their selected products.

The lovely Sally who works at Bagsy gave me the oppertunity to receive some lovely Bagsy products and I’ve got to say my love for them is unexplainable.

Lip Cocoon – Raspberry // This is a tinted lip balm. Once I tried it on my lips they felt hydrated and soft. I love how it feels also the colour looks stunning. This is also available in Lemon and Raspberry.

Ray of Sunshine – Medium Dark // This is matte-finish bronzer which creates natural looking glow. I have to say I was in need of a new bronzer now this has come along I’m lost for words it just gives the perfect make-up look for summer. Its also available in Light Medium.

To finish with Bagsy will make you fall in love with their products so do check them out.

Over at Feel Unique.

What’s your favourite Bagsy product? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Prom // The Magical Moments

Hey again!

I wanted to just dedicate this post to everyone at prom last night. Each and everyone of you girls looked stunning and you lads well you looked dapper I’ve got to say.

It was so much fun from dancing all night cutting some ridiculous shapes on the dance floor (probably just me). Wow, some of you can really dance –  was so impressed guys!! To listening to the band again which was wicked as well as the Dj’ing.

This was our final event together other than results day in August – so our prom was quite significant. It was held at the Worsley Park Marriot Hotel & Country Club which was a lovely venue. The teachers did a great job decorating the room and the tables it looked beautiful.

The majority of the teachers were there which was great as we got to see them again. They all looked lovely. Overall, prom 2015 was probably the best night ever. Every moment was important.

I loved it.

Most importantly all the pictures and all the love that was being given out honestly I couldn’t ask for a better year group to have my prom with. I’m not going to go on with myself because I’ve told you all how much I love you all.

Thanks so much for a magical night everyone.

I wish you all the best of luck and I’m honestly going to miss seeing you all everyday.

Guys stay classy and also always be sassy.

Here are the magical moments of last night:


Thank you everyone for the most magical night, I love you all. #Leavers2015 #ClassOf2015

I’ll see you all soon.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


*Prom // Get ready with me♥

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Prom is over. I’m sad but it was such a great night. So much fun, everyone looked amazing!

So I thought I’d share with you what I wore and how I accessorized my outfit. Also, I wanted to share with you my hair and make-up.

Outfit – 

Merlot Dress – Marylebone New York // I saw this dress online I instantly fell in love with everything about it. At first I couldn’t find my size but once I did I was so happy! I loved wearing it, I cannot wait to wear it again.

Silver Metalic Strap Sandals – Debenhams // As you may know I’m not very fond of heels, so I went in store and bought these they look fabulous and were comfortable to dance/walk in too.

Silver Personalised Choker – Lisa Angel // I kindly got sent jewellery for prom off Lisa and honestly I can say it was so elegant and classy. I loved how the choker looked with my dress it looked perfect.

Pyramid Studs – Lisa Angel // These earings were for my second lobe piercing they were the perfect size and looked so chic. I love them.

Silver Purse – Janan // This purse is just so bling bling. I loved it! It complimented my outfit so well.

Make up and hair – 

hair // I finally decided to have my hair up after continuous thinking like seriously I was so confused on how to have it. I think it went well with my dress. Honestly I can’t thank Qasira enough for how lovely she did my hair thanks so much if your reading this. You guys check out her work here, one of the best make up&hair artists I know.

make up// Again with my make up I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I loved the whole look from my eyes to my lips so thanks again Qasira.

What’s your preferred prom look? Comment below.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this.

See you soon – stay sassy x


Prom // The Ultimate Prom Plan


Hello guys, I hope you all are doing very well.

Today I’ve decided to post about something I’ve been super excited about since I was little. If you haven’t guessed or read the title yet its…PROM!!

I just wanted to tell you how I’ve planned for my prom which is on the 3rd of July (its nearly here eeek)!! Since being as small as I remember I’ve LOVED the idea of prom. I have watched every single Disney Channel Movie and any other film that has a prom within over and over again as this is how much I’ve wanted to experience one. The idea of it being such a magical and fairy-tale like experience makes me so happy as I’ve always dreamed of it to be so spectacular. I literally cannot wait for prom, it will surely be a night to remember.

As you may imagine if you’ve had a prom or a family member who has experienced a prom its fairly expensive as: choosing the right dress, picking the perfect heels and matching the glamorous jewellery can all add up to a very large total. Over in the US its all so much more outrageous as people go all out to have the biggest dress and the flashiest cars.

Well I’ve got to say that their are many components to a perfect prom including hair, makeup and the dress – as I said it can add up to a large amount. However, prom is meant to be magical and spectacular and it can only happen on way if you go all out I’m guessing!? It has been said that “Both in the UK and US 15% of school leavers will spend over £300 and $300 on outfits”. This is one fact of many as My Voucher Codes have done this research to show the average prom spend by surveying young people.

If you want to check out the whole of the statistics and the prices of peoples proms you can check it out here on A girl’s world article.

In my opinion I can understand all this money spending for the perfect prom, but sometimes it does get quite extreme. I think as long as your happy and think its all suitable then your fine.

I’ve had a bumpy journey trying to find the perfect dress but it was all worth it in the end as I totally adore my dress. I’m not going to spill any details because I’ll be doing a whole post on what my hair, makeup and dress looks like after prom which will be posted the day after prom hopefully so that will be exciting.

I can’t tell you how excited I am guys EEEK!

What’s your ideal prom? Comment below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


June – I love it, I want it!


Guess who’s back…Kiran..yes ME!

Ahhh it feels so good to be able to blog without any worries. I officially finished school on Tuesday I had 2 days to rest and now I am ready to face summer. I now have a lot of spare time which means exciting blog posts coming soon! I just want to thank everyone who wished me good luck for my exams, who supported me even whilst I hadn’t been blogging your patience was amazing. I love all my readers so much and these next few months are going to be filled with surprises and awesome content.

Today I’ve got for you my June – I love it, I want it!

1. Paisley print top – Topshop. I love paisley print especially in summer because it looks boho and super cute and its so easy to dress up or down.

2. Red floral print joggers – River Island. Joggers are what I live in. They are so comfy, also you don’t get too warm in them. I saw these and fell in love instantly. The colour is beautifully bold and would look so nice with a white crop top.

3. Green abstract skater dress – River Island. As its nearly summer I’m moving away from buying anything black and adding some brighter colours and I think this would be perfect because its the most perfect green colour. I really do need this dress.

4. Bandana print harem trousers – ASOS. Again like the paisley top I fell in love with this bandana pattern. Its just so adorable. I love them!!!

5. Low cut striped dress – Zara. I think stripes are one of them things that are just so easy to pull off in summer. It’s a wardrobe staple. I just think adding a pair of converse with you hair down this outfit would be comfortable and super chic too.

6. Cosmo cami – Coast. Its pink. I cannot explain how much I love this. Bright and bold and that’s what summer is about so I really need to purchase this.

7. White backpack – New Look. During summer you don’t want to be carrying massive amounts in your bag so I think its best to just have a cute backpack like this personally I love backpacks more than handbags so I think it’d be perfect for summer.

8. Hawaiian print cap – Vans. Personally I don’t like the straw type of hats as I don’t think they suit me. I think I suit snapbacks more to be quite honest. I really do love the print its tropical and just would look pretty during summer.

9. White skater skirt – ASOS. Again with the pink cami top I think this skater skirt would look really nice especially if your on holiday it’d be the perfect outfit.

10. White all star converse – JD. Converse are much easier to wear under a dress during summer as it just dresses it a little down rather than being more sophisticated. So I need these surely.

11. Gold strap sandals – New Look. These sandals could pretty much work with any outfit keeping it looking stylish and classy.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing for summer? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading dolls.

I’ll see you very soon – stay sassy x


The Press Tent Event.

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Hey dolls!!

As you may or may not know yesterday I attended my very first blogger event. This was at the Escalator in Manchester. I got invited by The Press Tent. Go check their website out if your a blogger or brand.

As I entered I felt quite nervous, as I was quite unsure how a blogger event flowed but once I started having a look around I felt more comfortable. I talked to many different brands as well as bloggers it was just so inspiring and lovely. I made many new blogger friends it was so amazing meeting you all! The atmosphere was like a little family. It has to be one of the best nights I’ve had.

The brand that were there –

All the brands were so unique and inspiring from clothing to jewellery it was fabulous!

Rock On Ruby // Twinface // KOKO Couture // Wicker Wings // What Emma Did &many more!!

It has to be one of the best nights I’ve had. Thanks so much for The Press Tent for inviting me. Thanks to all the brands and bloggers who I met you are all so lovely!!

what’s your favourite brand? Comment below.

Thanks for reading guys – stay sassy x


*Hand&Nail Care Routine!

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Hey guys.

I’m supposed to be revising English Literature as I have an exam tomorrow but I thought I’d take a little break as I’ve been at it all morning.

So I’ve got another routine post as you know from the title – It’s my hand&nail care routine. As you may or may not know I love taking care of my nails as I think they’re one of the best things about being a girl!

My routine:

I always ensure whenever my hands a feeling rough or dry I apply hand cream the hand cream I am using at the minute is the Sebamed hand+nail balm. This balm is quickly absorbed which I love!! It also has the most nicest scent to it.

I love painting my nails and making them look super pretty. I have recently been loving the Maybeline colour show nail varnishes these are super easy to apply, they last quite long without chipping and most of all it dries really quick.

As well as ensuring my nails are painted I always ensure they’re cut to a suitable length as well as nicely shaped. I always file my nails in a round motion because I love this look to my nails – as when I apply nail varnish it looks flawless!

Finally, I can’t leave Primark without purchasing a packet of false nails. As I think they’re so good for the price and you can shape them however and they’re so easy to put on. I mean seriously you can’t go wrong!!

What’s your favourite nail varnish? Comment below.

I can’t tell you how much I miss blogging but it’ll all be back to normal in a few weeks.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


*Buckley London

P_20150423_181522 P_20150423_181642

Hello my beautiful readers.

I hope you are enjoying your Friday.

Recently, I participated in a Twitter party throughout the party you had the opportunity to receive gifts which you could then review as well as connecting with brands.

I got gifted from the brand Buckley London. They are a jewellery brand who sells the most classical jewellery it’s just so elegant and beautiful.

I received the miniature heart pendant necklace. Once I saw it I fell straight into heaven it was just so eye catching the diamantes were just so sparkly – and I do love my bling. This was right up my street sparkly and rose gold which I adore!! It ticked all the boxes, I love it!! However, I would love the chain to be a bit heavier as it would feel more comfortable on me as I like having heavy necklaces.

Overall, I do love it!  It’s classy and elegant as well as attractive. I can’t wait to style it with my outfits and match it with other jewellery.

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? Comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this post – stay sassy x


March – I love it, I want it!


Hey, my beautiful readers.

I hope you are all well.

I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday I hadn’t finished editing but its all complete now – so here it is!

1. Blue blur print t-shirt – River Island. The bright colours on this are so capturing – I love them. This is perfect for spring!!!

2. Lucy Lou jumpsuit – Topshop. If your not quite tall like me jumpsuits are the key. As they add length to your legs keeping you looking taller than you are. Also, you can just add a necklace and a cute clutch and your sorted for a night out!

3. Monochrome striped floral shirt – Missguided. Recently I have been loving shirts that just flow on your body as a pair of jeans looks beautiful with them and they’re just so comfy. I adore the pattern on this.

4. Flippy scuba skirt – Topshop. I’m not quite the kind of person to wear dresses – as you may or may not know. However, I love skater skirts as they look super cute with crop tops or a shirt which I think is perfect for spring I really want one!!

5. Yellow floral print bag – River Island. Many people are fans of river Island bags but till now I haven’t ever wanted one. I just think they are all the same but then I came across this one and I fell in love with everything about it the colours, the pattern and the design. Its literally perfect so bright and attracting I really want this.

6. Hologram flats – Miss Selfridge. I love the holographic touch to these flats. You could wear them with anything really and I could really do with a pair of shoes I could wear with anything and everything.

7. Nike burgundy stefan janoski trainers – Schuh. You can never have to many sports shoes right? I just fell in love with these. I really do love polka dots and the colour burgundy is stunning.

8. Black handbag – H&M. The simplicity of this is amazing. Just a simple cute bag to have on the go. A perfect size to fit all your essentials –  I really could do with it in my life.

9. Lipgloss – NARS. I’m not really a lipgloss person but I saw someone on YouTube try this and it looked stunning on. I just would love to have a shimmer to my lips sometimes than always wearing lipstick.

10. Velvet gloss lips pencil – NARS. Again I have seen many reviews on YouTube on these lip pencils and according to the users they’re pretty good – need to try one of these ASAP!!

11. Lengthening mascara – NARS. I saw this mascara when I was out shopping but I wasn’t sure whether to purchase it or not but now I want it as I don’t have the longest lashes so this could make them much longer rather than having to wear false lashes.

What are you loving this month? Comment below.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for nearly 800 followers/readers who read my blog I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you guys who comment saying how much you love my blog and with blog posts you’d like to see. The support is unreal it makes me really happy to know my posts make you all happy – I love you all. Thank you so much for the non-stop support. I really do appreciate it!

Thanks for reading guys – I’ll see you all soon.

Stay sassy x


Outfit of the day // 2015

Hey! I hope you’ve had a great start to 2015.
I didn’t wish you guys a happy new year sorry. Well I wish you a happy new year and I wish my lovely readers all the best for 2015.

Today I’ve got an outfit of the day for you,I love this outfit. Guys I’m sorry to break it to you but I’m wearing black again oops.


1. Black and white heart collared shirt – Next. I can’t find the link for this but I’m sure you can get it in store.
2. High Waisted Black Jeans – Topshop. These are my absolute favourite I wear them nearly all the time.
3. Checkerboard vans – Vans. I bought these very recently I love them the suede effect is so nice – they are the most comfiest shoes ever.

4. Maybeline 14 hour super stay red lipstick – Boots. I don’t usually wear red I’m more of a pink person but I love this and how it looks on.
5. Rimmel London scandal eyes eyeliner – Superdrug. My favourite eyeliner the tip is thin which makes your eyeliner precise and its very easy to apply.


If you want more of these posts leave it in the comments.
I’ll see you soon.
Thank you for reading guys love you all -stay sassy.